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92-Year-Old Man Released from Cincinnati Jail

A judge released a 92-year-old man from jail Friday after his family complained about him serving a 10-day jail term when others are being released from the overcrowded Hamilton County Justice Center.

Municipal Court Judge Nadine Allen ordered Clifford Allen - who has been in jail on a drunken driving conviction since Sunday - released.

He will have to serve 18 days of home incarceration while wearing an electronic ankle monitor when one becomes available. The judge said all 440 of the county's monitors are in use.

The judge, who is not related to Clifford Allen, ordered him to serve the home incarceration within the next six months.

"I'm glad to have him out. I wish it hadn't come to this," Robert Allen, the man's son, said Friday.

Allen had pleaded for better accounting of the comings and goings of inmates at the jail.

Overcrowding issues have plagued the jail for months, forcing Hamilton County Sheriff Simon Leis to make tough calls about who gets out and who stays in.

"They say there isn't enough jail space for criminals, yet my father who hasn't hurt anyone is wearing black and white stripes," said Robert Allen on Thursday.

"They need to use better common sense."

Allen was upset that he had to bring his elderly father to court and jail eight times - trying to get him a lawyer and for other matters - before he was sentenced for driving drunk. Clifford Allen registered a .09 percent blood-alcohol content when he was arrested in February. Ohio's legal limit for driving is .08 percent.

"He can't walk. He can't find his way out of a restaurant. He needs around the clock care. He's not a menace to anybody," Robert Allen said.

His father was in court Friday in jail clothes and a wheelchair. He suffers from dementia and can barely hear.

His attorney, Greg Cohen, had to tell him several times - the last time very loudly - that he was going home.

"That's good. I can hear that," Allen responded. His response drew laughter from the courtroom audience.

Allen was sentenced by the judge to 10 days in a treatment facility - mandatory for a second drunk-driving conviction. But because of his age and medical issues the program wouldn't take him. That meant, unknown to the judge, he had to be jailed.

Robert Allen lodged his complaints about his father's incarceration when he learned that Miciah Black, 20, had been released from the jail after being arrested on minor charges five times in last six months due to overcrowding.

While out of jail and those cases pending, Black is accused of raping a 17-year-old girl in a downtown Cincinnati park.

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