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Minnesota Woman to Give Birth Live on Internet

Having a baby is nothing new. But there is something remarkable about the way one Minnesota couple is choosing to do it.

Lynsee and Anders have decided to have their baby in a way that involves the entire Twin Cities community. They're sharing the miracle of life with MomsLikeMe.com, who will follow the couple through the entire pregnancy, all the way through the birth of their baby.

When you first meet Lynsee and her husband, they appear to be your typical young couple in love.

"I was 16, and he was 17, and we took summer jobs at Jostens," Lynsee reminisced.

That was back in high school. They've been sweet on each other ever since. The couple tied the knot almost three years ago. And, in November they'll welcome their first child.

"This was a surprise!" exclaimed Anders.

But the real surprise, for many, may be how the couple plans to spend the next five months of Lynsee's pregnancy.

"I went to the Web site (MomsLikeMe.com) because I had heard about it, so I joined and wrote about being pregnant and new to the Twin Cities," explained Lynsee. She asked those on the site for ideas about good doctors and midwives. And thus began the start of something much bigger.

MomsLikeMe.com will follow the 23-year-old teacher on her journey, in a most intimate and personal way. They're doing it for several reasons. First, they believe it will be a wonderful memento for her. Second, they hope to help answer any kinds of questions for other couples who are pregnant and going through the same issues they are.

"I'll try to daily updates, 'this is how I'm feeling today' or question of the day, put up some pictures, maybe track how I'm growing - just little tidbits," Lynsee detailed.

"What we think, or our thoughts," Anders added.

And when Lynsee goes into labor, you can follow that, too - every pain, every push. Lynsee has agreed to let MomsLikeMe.com have a special webcam set up in her hospital room so you can be there as the happy couple welcomes their new baby into the world.

Website visitors will be able to share in it all.

"You'll be at some of the doctor's appointments. We definitely want to find out the baby's sex, whether it's a boy or a girl. But, like the midwife said today, they don't always cooperate!" said Lynsee. She continued, "You'll be there in the delivery room, tastefully, but you will be there."

Lynsee and Anders say they are ready and expect people to give their opinions about what the couple is doing.

"We're pretty open-minded," Lynsee said.

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