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Rubio’s Response: Crist Embraces Obama

The race for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate is only hours old, and already former House Speaker has taken his first shot at Governor Charlie Crist.

In an ad posted on YouTube and on Rubio's campaign website, a blurry image of Crist and Obama together is brought into focus.

Following is the text of the Rubio ad:

An election, coming into focus.. a choice for Florida's future.

Some politicians support trillions in reckeless spending, borrowed money from China and the Middle East, mountains of debt for our children, and a terrible threat to a fragile economy.

Today, too many politicians embrace Washington's same old, broken ways. (Photo of Crist and Obama)

But this time, there is a leader who won't. (Rubio Senate Logo)

Let the Debate Begin

3 Responses »

  1. ROLF @ Rubio (aka the 8% man)

    Charlie will run laps around this clown.

  2. Rubio is the best chance Florida has to avert a Specter disasster. Crist is a RHINO - wake up!

  3. Well done Marco. Glad you are telling the truth and I hope you kick crist to the curb! You are the best chance for Florida whether the GOP likes it or not.
    The GOP needs to start listening if they don't want another loss.
    Voting for crist is like voting for a democrat the only difference is if you vote democrat you know what you're getting but NEVER with charlie. Hey Charlie how come our property taxes went up this year, you said they would all come down!
    crist is a RINO Republican In Name Only, we don't need another specter fiasco.
    Vote Rubio!