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St. Louis Woman Finds Scripts in Trash

A St. Louis-area business owner will be rewarded for finding two movie scripts in the trash.

Casey Ray, the owner of Salon K in the Loop area, found the movie scripts for "New Moon" and "Memoirs," sequels to the vampire film "Twilight."

The scripts had been left by actress Anna Kendrick, who had been in St. Louis to shoot the George Clooney film, "Up in the Air," according to Ray's attorney, Albert S. Watkins. They ended up in a steel trash bin outside the Chase Park Plaza Hotel.

Watkins said Ray was standing near an alleyway waiting to pick up her fiance when she saw the scripts in the bin. Curious, she became an "inadvertent Dumpster diver" and fished them out, said Watkins.

"New Moon" is the name of the second book in the "Twilight" series, but "Memoirs" is not among the listed titles. Watkins said "Memoirs" was simply the title on the script and did not know if what the studio's plans were regarding the final title.

Ray contacted her attorney and together they reached a deal with Summit Entertainment, who is producing the films.

Watkins' office said Ray agreed to return the scripts to Summit Entertainment and will be invited to the premieres for both films and the after-parties. After the films are released, she will receive the scripts that she found, certified by the studio for authenticity and signed by the writer and lead actor and actress.

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