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Local Republicans Launch Conservative Talk Show

What's the Buzz?

Today the Duval County Republican Party announced the launch of a local conservative radio talk show that will premiere Thursday, May 14th at 5:00 PM on ABC 1320-AM WBOB.

Promos are already running on the station to promote the show.

“What’s the Buzz?” hosted by political insiders Cindy Graves and Lenny Curry will air every Thursday during drive time following the Glenn Beck Show and proceeding Mark Levin on 1320. Curry, Chairman of the Duval County Republican Party and a local business man, said the show will fill a significant void in the market and be targeted at local Republicans who want to know how statewide and national politics affect the First Coast.

“Duval County is always a political battleground both in the Primary and General election cycles. Our savvy voters are engaged and eager for an opportunity to voice their opinions and to become more informed on the issues, said Curry. “This show will be a big success.”

Co-host Cindy Graves was elected by Republican voters in 2008 to serve as Duval’s Republican State Committeewoman. She is also the Vice President of the Florida Federation of Republican Women, the largest grassroots organization in the state. Graves brings insider knowledge from around the state and experience as a grassroots leader in the last 16 back-to-back local elections.

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  1. That's exciting news! Knowing Cindy and Lenny, it's sure to be an hour filled with great information for area Republicans.

  2. WOW!! This sounds like a great idea, I am so excited to tune in to the show tomorrow should be GREAT!

  3. Isn't all talk radio already conservative anyway? ROFL

    But also why not have it on WOKV? Most people can't get AM radio in the car very good any more. Seems like you could reach a bigger audience? Will it be available for download like a podcast on iTunes?

  4. (rolling eyes)
    (rolling eyes)
    (rolling eyes)

    we really need more loudmoth ill-informed blow-hard fat-head conservatives on the radio telling us what to think, don't we? can't wait to NOT listen to this crap.

  5. You can listen to AM1320 on http://www.1320wbob.com

    I listen to Glenn Beck and Mark Levin on ABC AM1320 WBOB -- all the time!!