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TV’s Top Picks for Wednesday

remoteLots going on tonight on the tube...

• It's a big night for finales, led by a three-hour finish for one of TV's best series, Lost (ABC, tonight, 8 ET/PT). The first hour is a recap that walks you through the year's various (and sometimes mind-boggling) time jumps. Then it's straight to the two-hour finale itself, as Jack tries to get his friends to help him set off an old hydrogen bomb under the island. That makes Locke's self-appointed task — doing away with Jacob — seem fairly easy by comparison. If you haven't watched all season, this episode is probably not the best place to start, but if you've been watching, it's hard to imagine stopping now. I can't think of any TV series this year that has given me more pleasure or that I'll miss more as it heads into its extended break.

• Mekhi Phifer and Jennifer Beals return for the season finale of Lie to Me (Fox, 8 ET/PT) as the latest case takes a doubly personal turn for Lightman (Tim Roth). Lie is a well-acted, reasonably entertaining series, but the premise is too constricting, and Lightman's powers still seem to expand or contract depending on the story's weekly needs. Perhaps it will improve next season, but for now, when it comes to the season's new super-observant-hero shows, Lie plays like a poor third behind The Mentalist and Castle.

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