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Former Speaker Thrasher Files for State Senate

The Jacksonville Observer has learned that, earlier today, former House Speaker John Thrasher officially filed paperwork to become a candidate for the Florida State Senate.  Thrasher is running for the District 8 seat currently held by Jim King.

Thrasher served on the Clay County School Board from 1986 to 1990 and was elected to the State House in 1992.   He served as the Speaker of the House during his fourth and final term in office.  In 2000, Thrasher was prevented from seeking re-election by term limits. 

"John Thrasher was an extraordinary leader and a great partner with Governor Bush," said Lad Daniels, president of the First Coast Manufacturers Association and a Thrasher friend.  "I believe he is the right type of person we need to represent Northeast Florida at this time, someone with proven leadership abilities."

Since leaving the legislature, Thrasher has worked as a lobbyist in Tallahassee and spent a year serving on the Clay County Commission.  He was appointed by Governor Bush  to fill the slot of suspended Commissioner Christy Fitzgerald. 

While Thrasher has been rumored to be interested in the seat for months, he had to first relocate his primary residence in order to run.

Other Republicans already seeking the seat are former State Representative Aaron Bean, Jacksonville City Councilman Art Graham, and former Congressional candidate and local businessman Dan Quiggle. 

Thrasher will need to begin raising money very quickly to wage a competitive campaign. 

- Dan Quiggle raised $77,029 between declaring his candidacy in mid-February and the end of March.

- Art Graham has raised a total of $91,050 as of the end of March, including $13,170 during the first quarter of this year.

- Aaron Bean had raised over $220,000 by the end of March, raising about $7,000 of that in the first quarter.


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  1. By far the best of a bad bunch. Quiggle is a libtertarian pretending to be a Republican, and the other two are too meek and mild to get anywhere in Tally.

    Thrasher could be Senate Prez.

  2. The only thing Thrasher brings is corruptness and dirty politics. Kammi- You are correct in that Quiggle is a libertarian pretending to be a Republican and that Graham is meek and mild and wants to just go somewhere, however Aaron Bean is the most qualified and the best candidate for this position. Look into him- http://www.aaronbean.com

  3. Many Republican Party positions are the same as those in the Libertarian Party. Would you give some examples of Quiggle's "libertarian" positions that are contrary to the Republican Party platform?

    Let's meet the challenge of vetting the candidates with facts rather than innuendo!

    I think we're all looking for the truth so that we can make a more informed decision.

  4. I’m hard-pressed to understand the animosity toward the libertarian philosophy from some of those in the Republican Party – particularly since one of our greatest past Presidents, Ronald Reagan, shared so much of that philosophy. I suggest those of you who have distain for libertarians read the July, 1975 interview with Ronald Reagan, published in Reason Magazine (link below). If you take the time to read this article, you’ll realize that the Republican Party has indeed strayed from the ideals it held in its heyday, during Regan’s administration, but not in the way commonly thought. As Ann indicated in a previous post, we need to look for the truth if we're going to make an informed decision. This article would be a good place to start.