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Hollywood Exclusive – Ask Stacy

hollywoodexclusive1DEAR STACY: On my favorite new series, "In Plain Sight," the actor who plays Marshall (Frederic Weller) bears an uncanny resemblance to Peter Weller of "Robocop" fame. Are they related? — Anne S., Bronx, N.Y.

DEAR ANNE: Frederic and Peter Weller are cousins.

DEAR STACY: Why is Ashley Jenson leaving "Ugly Betty"? — Liz T., Clinton, Iowa

DEAR LIZ: The Scottish actress left "Betty" to join Jenna Elfman's "Accidentally on Purpose" pilot for CBS. There was speculation that she would leave her role as designer Christina on "Betty" when she was the only cast member not to move from L.A. to New York when the show relocated. Executive producer Silvio Horta released a statement making it clear, "she is still a member of the 'Ugly Betty' family. So don't be surprised if you see Christina pop back up in Betty's life."

DEAR STACY: Whatever happened to Rory Cochrane, (Tim Speedle) of "CSI: Miami"? I thought he was great. — Judy O., Tinton Falls, N.J.

DEAR JUDY: You're evidently not a "24" fan or you'd know that Cochrane has been seen in the recurring role of Greg Seaton, bad guy Jon Voight's right-hand man, on the Fox show this season. He also has a part as a G-man who works with Christian Bale chasing after Johnny Depp's John Dillinger in this summer's "Public Enemies."

DEAR STACY: My granddaughter and I were wondering, is Pat Sajak the original and only host of "Wheel of Fortune"? — D.J.S., San Bernardino, Calif.

DEAR D.J.S.: Yes and no. Yes, Sajak is the one and only host of the current, syndicated version of "Wheel of Fortune" that's been on the air since 1983. No, the original host of the daytime "Wheel of Fortune" was Chuck Woolery — from 1975-1981. After his departure, Sajak was hired, and he kept the daytime gig along with the nighttime show 'til 1989. He was followed by Rolf Benirschke (1989) and Bob Goen (1989-91). That version was cancelled in '91.

DEAR STACY: Is the actress Miranda Richardson related to the late Natasha Richardson? — Ann L., Brooklyn, N.Y.

DEAR ANN: No, Miranda is not part of the famed Richardson-Redgrave acting clan. She's the daughter of a marketing executive and a homemaker.

DEAR STACY: I enjoy "NCIS." I would like to know more about the actor who plays Tony. — Marie F., Staten Island, N.Y.

DEAR MARIE: Michael Weatherly, 40, was born in New York City and raised in Fairfield, Conn. His father made a fortune as the importer for Swiss Army Knife in America, but cut Michael off from his inheritance when he dropped out of college (Michael attended Boston University, American University in Washington D.C. and Paris, and Menlo College) to pursue his show business career. He broke into TV as Theo Huxtable's roommate on "The Cosby Show." At one time engaged to his former "Dark Angel" leading lady, Jessica Alba, Weatherly is divorced from actress Amelia Heinle (his co-star in "Loving" and "The City") with whom he has a son, August, 12 years old. The 6-foot-2-inch actor is the uncle of Alexandra Breckenridge from TV's "Dirt" and the big screen "She's the Man." His other credits include the series "Jesse" and "Significant Others," and the 2004 telepic "The Mystery of Natalie Wood" in which he played Robert Wagner.

DEAR STACY: As a fan of Brad Garrett, I'd like to know if "'Til Death" has been cancelled. I read that it was and that it wasn't. — Lori K., Chattanooga, Tenn.

DEAR LORI: Despite rampant speculation that the show was over when it was pulled off Fox's schedule last fall, it was renewed for a fourth season and will return to the tube on July 5.

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