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Senator King Fighting Battle with Cancer

s008Former State Senate President Jim King has been diagnosed with an advanced form of pancreatic cancer.   In an email to all members of the Senate, current President Atwater stated that he had spoken to King earlier in the day about the news and was asked to share it with the entire body.

"Having spoken with President King this morning, I can tell you that he is his usual positive self as we spoke of the upcoming fight," said Atwater. "Jim inspired me to have hope and even in the aftermath of such heartbreaking news, he made me laugh and cry all with a smile, as only Jim can."

The news comes as King was finishing up his final term in the State Senate and seemed likely to be named Chancellor of the state university system.  

The following is an official statement from Sarah Bascom, the King family's spokesperson...

"During a recent routine post-legislative session checkup, Senator Jim King was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. While Senator King plans to seek additional medical counsel and aggressive treatment, he is aware that this particular type of cancer is difficult to treat and manage, and that the outcomes are, at best, guarded.

Senator King plans to battle this disease with the same fighting spirit he has exhibited his entire life, in business and in politics. At this time, Senator King has every intention of serving in the Florida Senate for the remainder of his term, which ends in November of 2010.

"While the family has appreciated all of the concerned well-wishers who have called, they want to continue their lives with as much regularity as possible. They ask that their privacy please be respected and will have no further comment at this time."

Our thoughts are prayers are with Senator King and his family at this moment.

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  1. He will be in my prayers tonight.

  2. Senator King has been one of my favorite guests since I arrived in NE Florida 9 years ago. A straight-up guy who answers questions and speaks his mind. I wish him well in the coming fight.

  3. Jim King cares deeply about people. We will all need to keep him and Linda in our thoughts and prayers as he rises to fight once again. The lion of the senate. God Bless you and keep you.

  4. Senator King is an amazing leader and statesman. Throughout his successful political career and most recently during his 2006 race he proved once again that he has four times the strength and determination of the average man. Coupled with Linda King's strong spirituality and the prayers and support from NE Florida, he will beat this thing, no doubt, and all of us will be debating issues and looking for his wise counsel for many years to come!