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Record LOW Temperatures This Week?

Some forecasters are predicting that Monday's high temperature will reach only 68 degrees and we could see a low as low as 59 degrees, a new record.

Average high temperatures around this time of year are in the mid-80's with lows in the mid-60's.  According to historical weather data, the record high temperature for May 18th is 93 degrees, set back in 2000.  The record low is 62 degrees, set in 2001. 

This sudden cool down comes because of a storm system that rolled into town on Sunday, dumping large amounts of rain and bringing the potential for a nor'easter that will last through the middle of the week.  

That means a cool and gusty couple of days lay ahead.  

Before you complain too much about the sour conditions, remember that we'll be back into the sweltering 90's (and 100's) before you know it.  Consider taking advantage of this break in the heat to give your air conditioner (and power bill) a short rest. 

And your garden will get a good watering, too.

On the bad side, drainage problems may become an issue by Wednesday if the storm dumps more water than expected.  If you live in a neighborhood that deals with chronic issues, it might be smart to begin some early preparations.

To keep up with the changing conditions, the Observer is pleased to introduce our new weather-at-a-glance feature, in conjunction with Accuweather. The forecast is located in the center of this and most other pages on the site.

By default you will see a radar map of our area as well as an hour-by-hour forecast. In the upper right hand corner there are two circular icons. Clicking the one on the left will bring up a 15 day forecast, clicking the one on the right brings up a more detailed 5 day forecast.

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  1. Love the new weather forecast Austin, keep up the good work! Now I don't have to check First Coast News all the time. 🙂 🙂