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JSO Has Suspected Serial Rapist in Custody

serialrapist_mThe Jacksonville Sheriff's Office announced today that James Waverly Steel, 48, has been successfully tied to a string of sexual batteries that run from 2000 through 2008.

Waverly, dubbed by the media as the 'Arlington Serial Rapist', was already in custody on a recent felony burglary charge. His DNA has successfully connected him to at least 5, and probabaly more, sexual assaults.

To say that Waverly is a repeat offender is to put it mildly. He'd been arrested almost 20 times in the past and moved in and out of jail on repeated occassions for drugs, robbery, and an assortment of other crimes.

According to reports, prosecutors now have enough evidence to charge him with 11 counts of sexual battery, 1 count of armed kidnapping, 1 count of kidnapping, 2 counts of armed robbery, 1 count of robbery, and 1 count of burglary. More counts are expected to be added in the future as the investigation continues to unfold.

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