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BREAKING: Duval GOP to Remain Neutral in Primaries


The Duval County Republican Party has just released the following official statement:

The grassroots machine of the Duval County Republican Party is energized and engaged in the success of the 2010 Primary as never before this early in an election cycle, according to Chairman Lenny Curry. He credited this phenomenon to the county’s new technology, aggressive outreach and a sharp decrease in voter apathy stemming from distaste for the liberal agenda on the national level.

“From volunteer-driven voter outreach to voter registration drives and multi-level fund raising, the Republicans of Duval County are busy engaging their neighbors in the greatest American debate of our time with amazing success,” said Curry.

By harnessing this new energy, Curry said he expects a record turnout of fully engaged Republican voters who will elect the strongest candidate to compete in the general elections of November of 2010.

“Duval Republican voters expect their local GOP leaders to remain neutral in the upcoming election cycle and let the process move forward for all state and national offices without interference,” said Chairman Curry. “Naturally, I and my fellow leaders respect the process and will honor it.”

“Duval GOP leaders understand the political and financial challenges Americans are facing in this economy, as well as the frustration of voters. We know the real opponent is the liberal left and will use the national dialog to turn out the Northeast Florida vote as we uphold the rich tradition of fair and honest political debate,” said Curry.

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  1. WAY TO GO! The Duval Republicans are doing the right thing here, thank the Lord! Let the voters decide who the candidate should be, and then we can all get behind that nominee when the time comes.

    Kudos to Lenny Curry and the Duval GOP for making the correct call on this one.

  2. I think it's important for the republican party to have a debate within itself, but I do not like it when the leadership takes too much of a backseat role in defining and ultimately picking our candidate. Maybe that's because I want the most conservative candidate we can find (especially after the McCain debacle) and having leaders take a stand, without regard for political posturing, is an extremely important thing.

  3. Congratulations to The Duval Republicans. A fair and contested primary will provide the voters in this county with a true option.

  4. You are doing the right thing.

  5. This is the best statement that I have heard from the Republican Party in quite a while. I hope that they will stand behind this, provide equal time, enery and funding to all republican candidates and let the best conservative win!

    Hopefully, the National Party will rethink their earlier endorsements before the field has fully announced or before the primaries have been held. I know that I am withholding donations to them based on that action!

    • Susan,
      The National Party has not endorsed Crist. The National Republican Senatorial Committee and the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel as well as Sen. John McCain.

      I don't think the RNC will endorse either candidate.

  6. Wow! The Duval County Republican Party is actually going to follow its own rule and Constitution. That's quite a change from the era of Chairmen Slade and Hightower.

  7. Nice Change! Kay

    • This is leadership by example on the part of Chairman Curry. By his leadership he has set the correct tone for the Duval REC to build the type of Republican Party we all would like to see in this county

  8. Thank you! I hope the REC will continue to remain neutral in all the up coming primary elections. The powers that be should not dictate who the REC should single out and support as long as they are all Republicans.
    Delores Chow

  9. The citizens of Duval crave and are grateful for an unapologetically conservative party. I'm encouraged by Mr Curry and the leadership of the Duval Republican Party. Victory is not an option; it's a mandate!

  10. Republicans believe that the individual should drive the Party, not the politicians. It's time for all Republicans to become active in turning our country to follow the Constitution and Bill of Rights. If not now, when? If not you, who?

  11. I am glad to see that the Republican party is not dead. I thought that surely the last election would bury them. They keep shooting themselves in the foot. John McCain seemed to be a lovely person as did Sarah Palin, but run the country? I think not.

  12. Congratulations! Looks like some "real Republicans" are finally in charge of the local party. Let the people decide!!
    For too long the local candidates of both parties have been chosen by either the "Ortega Aristrocracy Party" or the "Gateway To the South Party" utilizing whatever political party label might be the convience of the moment for their personal agenda.
    When Crist announced his run for the Senate, my first thought was to see which political party label he would be running under.

  13. This is good input, please keep line of communications open.

  14. Lenny, that is a wonderful change. You establishment RINOs can circle the wagons all you want, but the conservatives are taking this party back.

  15. The past two years of REC meetings in Duval have been a shameful display of cronyism. I would welcome the end of that, and will be finally comfortable getting active again

  16. This is just what we need! Once again our leadership is failing to lead. Remaining neutral in endorsing a candidate is fine but at least ensure that the values of the party remain conservative. You can not remain neutral on those.