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Duval Republican Party Won’t Take Sides

Last week, following Charlie Crist's announcement that he would run for the U.S. Senate, most of the party establishment (including Senator Martinez, former Senator Mack, and RPOF Chairman Jim Greer) signed on to back Crist.  This move lead to some consternation among local and county-level parties throughout the state.  Some felt they were being pressured to back Crist and to shun his main primary rival, former House Speaker Marco Rubio.

Rubio is attempting to challenge Crist from the right in next year's primary, but is facing an uphill climb.  Recent polls show him trailing the governor by more than 30 points.

Today the Duval County Republican Party released an official statement regarding the topic of contested primaries, promising to remain officially neutral and to respect the primary process.  In his remarks, Chairman Lenny Curry makes his position clear that the party will not back one Republican over another in any of the statewide primary contests that may occur next year.

Curry then goes on to encourage Republicans to avoid internal fighting and to focus on "the real opponent" which he defines as the "liberal left."

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  1. Well, now we certainly know who the "Good ol' boys are". That was an easy mark. So much for party unity and lets all get along and respect the primary process. Pick sides, discourage free markets, capitalism, and the process of open debate.
    I hope to educate a few people in the ART of being gracious if other people join the race for Jacksonville's City Council Seat, District 13. I'll sign your petition. I hope everyone who signs mine will sign yours too. I don't hold hate or grudges. Because that's wrong. I believe in freedom of speech but party leaders need to step back and let the primaries take place. Let THE PEOPLE DECIDE. Not you. We can choose without your input. Thanks, but no thanks.

    Go lead us. Not distract us.

  2. The party's strength does not come from "conservatives" who "get along" with "liberals"... within the party.
    While we are a diverse party, I agree the Duval County bubbas won't take sides.

    Now with that being said... I am not interested in any "moderates" running for office. Most conservatives I know do not want moderates either. Gov. Crist, Sen Martinez, and Rep. Crenshaw have let their colors run and fade. Yes, I voted for them... reluctantly. Nowadays, I just do not see them leading anymore.

  3. I agree with Richard's post. Competition is good for the process and encourages healthy debate of the issues. It should be left up to the people to decide who is best suited to represent them. I also will sign the petition of anyone that wants to enter the race for the 4th Congressional seat.