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Gallagher Won’t Run, Backs Atwater for CFO

State Senate President Jeff Atwater has officially filed to run for CFO next year.

"After receiving strong encouragement and support from my family, my friends, my colleagues in the Legislature and citizens from across our state, I will seek to serve the people of Florida as Chief Financial Officer," said Atwater. "I'm excited about Florida's future, and I look forward to traveling the state in the coming months to listen to the ideas and concerns of Floridians."

President Atwater can rest a bit easier now that his top potential rival has decided not to make the race. Former CFO and 2006 gubernatorial candidate Tom Gallagher is taking a pass.

"I've made a decision that's not something I want to do,'' Gallagher said of running for his old post. "I woke up and came to my senses.''

"[Atwater] will be a good CFO. I like Jeff. Jeff's got a banking background and a legislative background. That's a good combination," Gallagher told the Miami Herald.

When asked if he had thought about running for governor again, Gallagher responded: "Yeah, I got as many calls for that as I did for CFO but I didn't want to get into that.''

Atwater Campaign Announcement Video:

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