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Rick Hartley: If Not Now, When?

hartley-postWhere in our Constitution is the article that gives the President power to pick winners and losers in our society? I can't find it anywhere. Every day President Obama and his followers ignore our Constitution and consolidate power. Every day citizens are minimized. Every day government expands to 'protect' us by taking away our choices and raising fees and taxes to provide those services. With government one size fits all, and it's always a big, expensive and impersonal size.

Republicans have made some horrendous mistakes in the past but they are the only group that can slow and then stop this attack on our Country now. The question is 'Are you happy with the direction of our Country'? Do you like what is going on in Washington, Tallahassee and the Duval County City Hall? If not, then volunteer to help the Duval County Republican Party elect better representatives in next year's elections. Don't throw the country out with the bath water. We've made mistakes, come help us correct those mistakes. Call the Duval County Republican office today.

If not now, just how bad do things have to get before you take action? When you decide that you have had enough, will you be permitted to act? Remember the Obama administration has already said that they are more worried about returning veterans than foreign born evil doers (can't say terrorists).

If not you, who should be responsible. Republicans still believe that personal responsibility is the cornerstone of our society. America needs you now.

Rick Hartley
Republican State Committeeman
Duval County

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  1. One more reason to support Republicans: Republicans are held to account for their misdeeds. The Democratic opposition will come down on Republicans, as will the media, as will the pop culture.

    Democrats are rarely held accountable. They protect each other. The media, and even the entertainment industry shield them - no matter what the violation.

    Elect Republicans. At least, you'll hear about it when they do wrong.

  2. Great op/ed piece. I appreciate the acknowledgment that Republicans have "made horrendous mistakes". But where were good, constitutional loving Republicans when George Bush was doing the same thing? The Patriot Act ripped the constitution to shreds, stripped of us rights and any who opposed it were considered unpatriotic. Those few Republicans who did were and still are being ostracized as being disloyal. This notion of not criticizing fellow Republicans is ridiculous. Even the founding fathers disagreed with each other RESPECTFULLY. Debate is healthy. Thinking citizens should be encouraged to speak out, not be restrained by party heads and officials.

  3. I truly hope and pray that that those like us get involved and change the system while we still can.

  4. Excellent piece Rick. Now is the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of their country and get involved with the political process. We the people must make the difference.

    • Great piece. How can anyone be happy with what we are expierencing in our country. We have to take it back and that means to do what our grassroots do best. put on our walking shoes, sun blocker (not needed today) and start knocking on ALL doors.

  5. RIck, I respect your outspokeness and call to action. In light of the state of the economy and the many challenges facing our great nation, I firmly believe now IS the time for action. However I do not feel that it is a time for bi-partisan politics and accusations further dividing our wonderful country men and women. My concern is that Republicans will be viewed as the all knowing and all mighty and that has been proven to be not true over the last eight years. We are proud Americans first, members of various political parties and attitudes second. That is one of the foundations of this Nation of Patriots. Yes, mistakes have been made on both sides of the aisle and unfortunately more mistakes will be made in the future. We can only hope that there will be more transparency, better decisions and less costly mistakes. It is up to US to pull together and minimize those mistakes and support our great country.

    Step up and support our President, our Congress and our local governments. Get involved. Voice your opinion. But please don't hide behind the skirts of any particular party and throw stones at fellow Americans trying to help our nation become as vibrant as it once was. We didn't get into our current position overnight and we won't get out of it today. Indeed most Republicans still believe that personal responsibility is the cornerstone of our society. That said, where was that duty of personal responsibility in our corporate offices and Wall Street over the last 24 months?

    We don’t hold the market on being Patriots. Our fellow Democrats, Libertarians and the like are proud Americans as well. Do you really believe that they out to ruin our great nation? Hogwash I say. Let’s put our energy into righting the ship and not poking more holes in the hull.

    • Will you step up and put your energy into righting the ship?

      Encourage your neighbors to become informed citizens and then cast a vote in every single election. Implore your elected officials to do the right thing.....each and every time they make an important decision on our behalf. Rally for a just cause because you have the freedom to do so. Don't ignore the call to demonstrate personal responsibility and get America back on the right track.

      Or allow more holes in the hull (your phrasing).

  6. Rick,

    I hope more and more Republicans wake up to what Obama is doing.
    At the same time Reoublican leaders really need to get their act together so we can save our country from ceratain destruction under total government (Wrong kind) control that is now being established.


  7. Rick.. Your a Great American.

    Your choice of words was excellent. Anyone who really cares about our country needs to get off the couch and do something. The tea parties proved to the world that we are not going to take it anymore. I want Conservative republicans to come out in droves to assist. YOU cannot sit on the fence that will not get the work done. For the record the Next Tea party is going to be on July 4, 2009.

  8. The article is right on target. All of us has be develop a consciousness about the direction we want our nation to go. Unfortunately, the current administration has used the frustration we've all had with the difficult tasks that faced this country over the past several years, and road the cliche' of "Hope and Change" into office. However, it has quickly beomce apparent that cliche's are meaningless unless it is followed by a stablizing plan that is not filled with unintended consequences.

    I began the year wishing the current administration well, "hoping" that "changes" would bring about truly positive plans and actions that will benefit all of us.

    But instead, we are confronted with a lot of rhetoric that features blame and policies that come with no guarantees and more hollow promises.

    Being an optimist, I believe that this country will work its way out of the economic situation we now face and things will eventually get better. Just as we have in the past. But it's obvious that we need to look carefully at the course we are taking and do the appropriate thing to alter that course the first chance we can.

    That will be a year and half from now when we can review what has and hasn't been done as we've been promised, and make representative changes in Congress that will truly adhere to what the citizens want, not what elite politicans want.

    The process begins now, looking for the kind of candidates that will truly be stewards for their constituency and the country as a whole.

    • Please correct the error that begins the second sentence: "All of us must develop a consciousness about the direction we want our nation to go.

  9. Great letter, Rick. You are absolutely correct.

  10. Right on, Rick. As folks like Norma Smith and Tom Slade were building the party back in the 80s and 90s, they did so, not by being like the Democrats, but by patiently and articulately explaining to voters our differences with the Democrats and why our solutions were not only better, but why the Democratic solutions were actually wrong. The same goes today - we cannot win by being Democrats-lite. The Democrats did not seize power by being Republicans-lite. There is a difference - we need to define it and then sell it. And do so proudly.

  11. Excellent article. I think the recent losses by the Republicans has been a clarion call to Politicians and the Party as a whole. There are citizens who are now galvanized by the issues that lead to these losses- National Security, Economic Stability (and yes, fiscal responsibility!), Constitutional rights (which you've delineated so eloquently), the preservation of our soveriegnty, and the preservation of America as a whole!

    My first reaction is "it's a shame when people have to stop their lives and participate in the governing process". Then I realize the selfishness of that opinion and conclude those losses were probably the greatest thing to happen to the Party since Ronald Reagan ceased to be a Democrat!

    I'm of the opinion that the Democrats' arrogance, and their assult on our Constitution falls under the catagory of "enemies" not foreign, but "domestic". With that said, the question must be asked: Republicans, Conservatives, Americans; will you answer the call of your nation? Will you sacrifice television time to save her?

    Your answer? ___________________________.

  12. Mr. Hartley,

    I cannot agree with you more on this subject and it was so stated in the Declaration of Independence that "We the People" have a duty to remain ever vigilant in our Constitutional Republic" and the roles of the Legitimate Civil Government that flows from it.

    I have stated before that in talking to many people, they want the same thing... a fair and just society. Unfortunately, some of us have different views on how to accomplish this goal. Even more is brandishing a particular political name and seeing the actions of those affiliated and elected to offices who bastardize their Oath's of Office, extend themselves beyond the bounds of their power, and usurp the very essence of what makes us our nation sovereign... "We the People".

    With this, I stand with Rick Hartley in this matter, and would further extend to anyone reading this that we hold ourselves accountable, hold our elected officials accountable, and freely exercise every inalienable right to the greastest extent of compentency.

    Get Involved!! Become Educated!! There is strength in numbers and each of us as individuals must get on the Road to Victory and let nothing remove you from your duty!!

    In God we Trust!!

  13. Excellent, Rick. I disagree with anyone who says that we must support President Obama. We must support him only in those things we agree with him. Based in the record so far, that is very little.

    It is no longer time to sit placidly by and just argue for the status quo or even the status quo ante. We must insist on a full, immediate return to constitutionally limted federal government. There can be no room for negotiation.

    Been there and done it. I started with Barry Goldwater and Wiliam Buckley. Newt Gingrich's Contract with America and Ronald Reagan's presidency ultimately accomplished nothing. Leaving the door open just a bit, is enough for the collectivists to kick it in again. They will accept nothing less than an insidious crawl to a socialist and Nanny State.

    If this seems like a political 'scorched earth' policy, so be it. A slave who has voted away his freedom, is still a slave.

    Yes, let's be patient and explain our position, even bringing it to the enemy but never give in. It's too late for that.

  14. If not now, when?
    If not us, who?

    President Obama chooses his words carefully. His stated aim of "post-partisanship" is not the same as "bipartisanship."

    Bipartisanship indicates cooperation with the opposition to arrive at a compromise solution. Post-partisanship indicates the opposition is irrelevant, even non-existent.

    This must not happen. It is up to US to ensure there is an alternative to Preident Obama's one-size-fits-all policies.

  15. Rick. You are right - now is the time! But we are going to have difficulty convincing others to join our cause if The Republican Party is unwilling to own up to some of those "horrendous mistakes". Last fall our own presidential nominee suspended his campaign in order to go back to Washington DC and push for giving President Bush the "power to pick winners and losers" (T.A.R.P) The last 8 years is filled with examples of Republicans "ignoring our Constitution and consolidating power."

    I think the Republican Party is the right vehicle to slow down the Obama march to Socialism - but it will only work if we clearly define (redefine) our brand. Most people aren't sure what it means to be a Republican in 2009.

  16. Rick,

    Nice letter, but that is about the extent of it. For 8 years I watched the Republicans spend money like the current Democrats. What on God's green Earth should make me think the GOP has learned it's lesson and will be conservative (not just act the part).
    For too long politicians just pay lip service to the ideals of this country. Instead of celebrating true freedom and liberty on July 4th, we celebrate security and governmental regulations. It's as though the 10th Amendment doesn't even exist.
    Quite frankly I have great doubt that the Republicans can slay the Beast that is Big Government. They lack the commitment to make it happen, and the electorate isn't smart enough to see what is happening to them.

  17. What then will be required of us to replace both the Democrats and the Republicans in the Congress with Republicans who love Liberty, the Constitution, and the rule of Law? When our Congress taxes us unjustly and burdens our progeny with overwhelming debt, they show themselves not to be public servants, but public enemies.
    Where will we find both Republicans and Democrats who will frankly state their positions at the risk of not being elected, rather than lie to the electorate in order to seize power? Where will we find Republican candidates committed to undoing the evil of the last four administrations, abolishing agencies and repealing laws until they have restored a constitutional republic of limited government and minimal taxes? Why indeed should we support any candidate, cast any vote until we are sure of these things?. For those who cannot provide a clear answer, perhaps it is time we began to consider abandoning elections in favor of insurrections.

  18. While I agree with some of what is said and I think his intentions are good, I have to respectfully disagree with a few points. First, I don't think that Republicans are the only group that can stop our growing government. In fact, that is like saying that a group of arsonists are the only ones that can put out a fire. The Republicans have been responsible for so much of the evil in government. While the Democrats are just as bad, they are actually somewhat more honest about wanting government to grow. The Republicans make it sound like they are in favor of free market policies, but their actions are the exact opposite (and yes, I know there are exceptions).

    The other point I disagree with is that we just need to elect the "right" people to office and then everything will get better. The problem is that the government has way too much power and it naturally draws people that want to use power. We need to stop turning to politics and elections as our solution. The most important thing we can do is to educate our fellow citizens on the benefits of liberty. Ron Paul has been a unique exception. There have been so many others that have promised to go to Washington and stand up against corruption and big government, and they end up selling out once they are there. Ron Paul has not achieved much politically (through legislation), but his seat in Congress has given him a platform to spread his message.

  19. "You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today" was quoted by Abraham Lincoln

    As a party or as a concerned people, we must all come together as "One" to defeat the Washington politicians who disrespect our military, who ignore our Great Constitution, who make drastic cultural changes to our sociely and who are consistently challenging our Christian faith.
    More importantly, please remember that Political Correctness, such as how we now describe terrorist and terrorism is an outright theft of our First Amendment Rights. We all have the right to say what we wish, think or feel and let the free speech marketplace determine our correctness.
    As conservatives and as moderates we must stop these harmful reforms now and not later when it is too late. Many thanks to Rick Hartley for his article.

  20. Right on, Rick.

    The "replies" have been educational and a bit frustrating too. ALL people make mistakes. Some of our persuasion are too easy to condemn honest attempts to do what is necessary even if a little overkill is one of the results. The supposed violations of the constitution that occurred under Bush's watch weren't totally wrong. The need to monitor "known" foreign agents conversations to/from the U.S. is obvious, More than that is overkill. The very idea that a congressional budget is not going to produce some deficit while in a wartime posture is absolutely absurd. The major problems with the "some deficit" idea extend back to the Clinton era, when the idea that all people deserve a house was promulgated. The following fiasco of minimal credit checks,overpriced houses, 125% of value mortages, corruption in Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac (with kickback "campaign donations", etc), derivative sales etc foisted off on the public, mostly by democrats, started a drain on financial sources. Of course, the fact that there were few elected officials loathe to ring up a host of earmarks didn't help. Some "notable Republicans were entirely too helpful to facilitate the "Bailout Mentality. Now Obama and his criiminal crew are pushing a deficit three times the size of Bush's, and that't only 100 days into what promises to be a disasterous four year calamity for the country.
    Political Correctness is indeed a problem. Many of the ill informed don't have a clue about what is happening. The mainstream media are more than willing conspiritors in demonizing the former government caretakers and keeping the public in the dark while extolling the virtues of the enemies "domestic"

    Yes! We need to get our act together. Educate the ignorant. Demonstrate that we want a responsible government that adheres to the Constitution and believes in nation of law.