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How ‘Breaking Bad’ Will Bend Time

hollywoodexclusiveFormer "Touched By an Angel" star Roma Downey reports her 13-year-old daughter, Reilly, has taken an interest in performing and has been involved in school productions including "Suessical the Musical."

However, "A part of me wants to throw myself on top of her and say, 'Are you crazy?!'

"I have certain reservations, certainly," admits Roma — who returns to the tube June 6 in the Hallmark Channel's "Come Dance at My Wedding" movie.

"Over the years I've learned it becomes increasingly difficult to have an open and sweet heart, and also have the thick skin you have to have in order to face the inevitable rejection you encounter in this business," she explains. "For every yes, there are 20 nos along the way. It's hard not to take that personally."

Still, Roma is not trying to dissuade her daughter. "I'm not saying much. I know what it is to have a dream."

These days, family life comes first for Roma, with her husband, super producer Mark Burnett ("Survivor," "The Apprentice," etc.), Reilly and Mark's two sons. "I wake up every morning and say, 'Thank you.' For a working-class girl from Ireland, I fully comprehend how fortunate I am," says the actress. "And I know how fortunate I am to be able to pick and choose the work I do."

Speaking of the Hallmark Channel film in which John Schneider and Brook Nevin play an estranged father and daughter at odds over the sale of the family's dance studio, Roma says, "It's a sweet metaphor that shows how this dance studio brings out the best in people, their magical quality."

"Touched By an Angel" is having another life in repeats on the channel as well.

GETTING ROUGHER: It's easier to imagine the "Breaking Bad" boys coming to an end in their May 31 season finale than it is to imagine them surviving through a whole new season. Consider: They have drug cartel killer bad guys to contend with, the law on their tail, a case of lung cancer and action building to a crescendo. And yet, Season 3 has already been ordered for the AMC drama in which Emmy winner Bryan Cranston plays science teacher-turned-meth cooker Walter White, and Aaron Paul is his former student-turned-drug selling partner, Jesse.

"We're just going to keep going," says Paul. He notes that show creator Vince Gilligan is bending time to his story needs, that "there will be no time passed between one season and the next. With Skyler (Anna Gunn) being pregnant, you'd usually think she's pregnant one season and she's going to have the baby the next year — but that's not the case," he adds, speaking of the character who's been just about ready to deliver her baby on the show for a while now. (Wonder how Gunn feels about that!)

"Vince isn't going to try to stretch the show out, just to stay true to the story. It'll be four, maybe five seasons, and he'll end it strong, with respect," adds the actor.

Paul notes, "Before our show aired, a lot of people were against it. From the pitch, it doesn't sound like a family fun show; it sounds really depressing. People said, 'Why is AMC going to do a show that glamorizes crystal meth?' But it's a series that shows what happens to people when this sort of thing becomes part of their lives. When I was growing up, I never got the drug talk from my family," says Paul. "Some parents are afraid to get into it. But it's happening. After losing close friends — not necessarily them passing, but this particular drug eating their souls — I'm so happy that AMC has the guts to tell a story like this."

UNSUNG HERO: British actor Sean Maguire, who starred in "Meet the Spartans" and is currently the lead in Spike TV's "Krod Mandoon," has dabbled in music for most of his career. He even put out three albums in his native country. However, he tells us he's putting away his microphone and concentrating on his acting career. "I have no interest in that whatsoever," says Maguire of pursuing music professionally in the United States. "I think America is going through a difficult enough time right now to force them to listen to my Milli Vanilli-type singing."

THE GUEST LIST: Jennifer Coolidge, who has been a part of many Christopher Guest movies, tells us she's ready for him to get started on the next one, but so far there's nothing immediately on the horizon. "I haven't heard anything. I hope there is," says Coolidge of his popular improvised comedy movies. "He's one of those guys who is hilarious in his movies, but if you sit and have lunch with him, he's even funnier in real life. I just love to sit there listening to him tell stories."

With reports by Emily Fortune Feimster



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