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Hot Dog Vendor Launches Congressional Bid

stanley-postTroy Stanley, 45, has announced his intention to run for
the U.S. House of Representatives seat in Florida's Fourth Congressional District in 2010.

Stanley is the owner-operator of WallyDogz, where he works as a street corner hot dog vendor near the Jacksonville Landing. As a small business owner, he claims to be keenly aware of the ever increasing burdens that government places on small businesses.

This is the seat currently held by Representative Ander Crenshaw, now serving his fifth term in Congress. Crenshaw was first elected in 2000 and has been re-elected with little difficulty four times.

"Representative Crenshaw, who is approaching ten years in office, has not done enough to preserve this great republic," says Stanley. "We are being taxed into poverty, government spending is out of control, the size of the federal government is larger than ever and is intruding into our lives farther than the founding fathers ever intended."

Stanley, a retired Chief Petty Officer, says, "For twenty years I have lived under oath to support and defend the Constitution of United States with my life while serving in the US Navy. I am prepared to risk my life and my fortune to continue to support and defend the Constitution of the United States as your Congressman."

His platform emphasizes the fundamental right of parents to exercise control over their child's education. Stanley proposes dismantling the "costly and cumbersome federal bureaucracy" and returning decision making power to the states, local school boards, neighborhood school administrators, and the parents.

He is a supporter of the Fair Tax Act and advocates for the repeal of the 16th amendment.

He also promotes the ideal of the citizen legislator and pledges to self-impose a two term limit, if elected. "Our representatives should return to their homes after they have served and live under the laws that they have made," comments Stanley.

Stanley lives in North Jacksonville with his wife of 24 years, Valerie, and their three children and serves as an elder at Starratt Road Christian Church.

4 Responses »

  1. Congressman Crenshaw is a good, honorable man!

    Some libertarian wacko hot dog man would make a joke of North Florida if we sent him to represent us in Washington.

  2. No thanks,

    Please tell us how Ander Crenshaw is a good, honorable man? Also, to call a man who vows to stand for issues such as reducing the size of govenment, the Fair Tax, giving parents school choice, and returning rights to the state is no "Wacko" they are a patriot. You have no class.

  3. I like his platform! Maybe he and Joe the Plumber will have adjacent offices on a much-needed Liberty Wing in the House of Representatives.

  4. Yes,

    As a friend of Troy and one that defends that constitution, I can tell you that just because someone sells hotdogs, it does not mean he does not know what the people want and need. Troy has decided to sell hotdogs because it gives him the ability to talk with the people. Take a moment to talk with him face to face. He is looking out for the people. Also that Wacko as you call him, defended your freedom to call him a Wacko. I believe any man or women who is willing to do that, is more than willing to represent you in Congress.