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Local Republicans Planning to ‘Drive the Discussion’

North Florida Republicans will be hosting a conference entitled "Drive the Discussion 2010" at the Holiday Inn in Lake City on Saturday (June 6th) from 11am - 4pm.

REC members, local club members and other activists are invited to attend and learn about grassroots organizing and building a strong party in advance of next year's mid-term elections.

Among those confirmed to participate in the meeting are US Senate Candidate Marco Rubio, RPOF Chairman Jim Greer, an RNC Briefing from Republican National Committeeman Paul Sneft, State Representative Chris Dorworth, Christian Coalition Executive Director Dennis Baxley, State Representative Janet Adkins and many others. Organizers are also working to get Governor Charlie Crist (US Senate Candidate), Congressman Crenshaw, Attorney General Bill McCollum (gubernatorial candidate), Lt Gov Jeff Kottkamp (candidate for attorney general) to attend.

More from Doug Adkins, 4th Congressional District Caucus Chair:

This conference will feature an opportunity for you the grassroots members of the Republican Party to "drive the discussion" and to set the tone and raise the issues that will define the 2010 elections. North Florida will be an important part of the 2010 elections. With limited funds and so many statewide races to win, the Republican Party will now more than ever need grassroots republican like yourselves to get in the game and become a game changer. Being a "game changer" will mean that we need to get REC members and club members throughout North Florida connected with each other, our statewide candidates and our state party. Becoming an effective political force will require we each make it a priority for us to work as a united team committed to common goals.

Please take a few minutes and go to my facebook site and sign up for the conference, let us know you will be attending. We will have REC members from all through our nine county congressional district and this will also include club members. I am sure you will find the sessions interesting and informative and perhaps most important you will get a chance to drive the discussion with our candidates and the party leadership.

Republicans are leading and listening here in Florida and we hope you will join us on June 6th in Lake City. If you should need any information, please do not hesitate to call me. We have limited seating so once we are at capacity this event will be closed. Make sure you reach out to a friend and ask them to come, this is a perfect time for us to grow the ranks of our grassroots clubs and REC membership. With your help we will lead the state and the nation as we drive the discussion in 2010!

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  1. We are excited about the growth in interest behind this grassroots event. The Republicans in North Florida are fired up and ready to roll! Each panel discussion will feature a presentation by our speakers and then we turn on the audience mikes and let you the grassroots "drive the discussion". Republicans state and local leaders will be attending, we will have a special room we have called the DTD lounge where Republicans can drive the discussion during the presentations. I hope everyone will make plans to attend! You can confirm by sending me an e-mail at doug@janetadkins.com or check it out on facebook.com