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Rubio Gets Endorsements from Jeb Jr. and Huckabee

Marco Rubio's against-all-odds campaign for U.S. Senate got a much needed boost today in the form of an endorsement by Jeb Bush, Jr., son of the popular former Governor. Rubio twittered about the endorsement saying: "Proud to announce the endorsement of Jeb Bush Jr. He will be a great asset in our efforts to reach the next generation of GOP leadership."

CNN is also reporting that former Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is planning to announce his endorsement of Rubio sometime in the next couple of weeks. Rubio was an early supporter of Huckabee's 2008 Presidential bid, so this endorsement doesn't come as much of a surprise. But it is an important development that may help Rubio raise enough money to keep his campaign alive in the face of overwhelming establishment support for rival Charlie Crist's campaign.

Crist has recently been endorsed by Senator Mel Martinez, former Senator Connie Mack, and 2008 Presidential nominee John McCain. It's worth noting that McCain won the Florida Republican primary last January, while Huckabee finished fourth.

The Rubio campaign released this message from Jeb Bush Jr. today:

Today I would like to let you know that I will be enthusiastically supporting my friend Marco Rubio for his bid for the United States Senate.

Florida and our country are at a crossroads. Not only in our economic life, but in who we are as Republicans.

My choice was a simple one: Marco Rubio represents the best in what our Party should strive to be and who it must engage – he is young, conservative, and believes in the principles of our Founding Fathers, that individual freedom and liberty are what makes our country great and always will.

Marco Rubio is a candidate who can help to bring our Party back on track by reaching out to our youth, entrepreneurs, Hispanics and those who believe that if you work hard enough, anything you dream can be achieved. With Marco, we have a great opportunity to elect a true conservative and a greater obligation to elect a man of principle.

I hope that you will join with me in this exciting journey to elect my friend Marco Rubio to the United States Senate in 2010. If you can make a donation today to keep this effort going it will go a long way to bring back common sense and a return to conservative principles in Washington.

I thank you for your time and consideration.

With warm regards,
Jeb Bush, Jr.

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