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Senator Jim King to Undergo Cancer Surgery

s0081State Senator Jim King, who was recently diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer, will soon undergo surgery in an attempt to improve his condition.  That's according to his wife Linda, who released the following open letter to the Senator's family and friends:

Beloved friends and family:

Jim and I are truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, love and friendship we have received since Jim’s diagnosis. As you know, we recently returned from a week-long trip and are now back in Jacksonville, coming to terms with what the future will hold and how best to combat this disease. Together, we have decided on a course of treatment and will soon begin this journey. We have decided to take the surgical route since it offers, potentially, the best chance for a longer life. The surgery is very difficult, and the recovery even more so, but we have faced adversity before and won, and we have faith that we will this time as well. A date has not been set for the surgery, but it will be soon and will be at Mayo in Jacksonville.

Knowing that all of you have asked for updates on Jim’s treatment, we have asked longtime family friends Gus Corbella and Sarah Bascom to maintain Jim’s website at the Caringbridge.org. We kindly ask that you utilize this website to leave Jim and I your notes and well wishes, as the emails and phone calls have started to overwhelm Jim. If you sign up for the email journal updates, you will be notified when Jim’s surgery date is set and of the outcome of the surgery.

Jim has always lived his life in the public eye and has been very accessible but has asked that all emails and phones calls please be redirected to this site so that he can focus on his treatment and getting on with his life with our beloved family and friends.

Jim’s website can be accessed through http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/senatorjimking. You will be asked to create a profile and sign in.

Again, we thank you for honoring this request and for your continued love and friendship.

Linda King

P.S. - As a special side note, in case anybody needs proof that there are special forces in control of our lives, the surgeon that did the successful biopsy and ultrasound on Jim was himself a recipient of a grant from the James and Esther King Biomedical Research program.

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