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The Weekend’s Top TV Picks

Sadly, we've reached the final three new episodes of ABC's technicolored delight "Pushing Daisies" (Saturday, 10 p.m. ET/PT), a lovely, humane comic-fantasy that deserved better than a summer burn-off. Consider it a victim of bad luck, bad timing and a concept that was never going to be an easy sell for mass consumption.

Fans, of course, can't help wishing for more time to spend with this gem of a show and its fabulous cast - Lee Pace, Anna Friel, Kristin Chenoweth, Chi McBride, Ellen Greene and Swoosie Kurtz. But a short run doesn't always mean failure, not when a series is this special, and a show doesn't have to run long to last forever. That's always been true: Think of "The Honeymooners" or "Fawlty Towers." And it's even more true now in this age of downloads and DVDs.

So enjoy these final outings and be happy that such an original, creative series got a shot in the first place. That's how it is with "Daisies": Put on display, they're fragile and ephemeral. You just have to enjoy them while they last.

Speaking of endings, AMC's Emmy-winning "Breaking Bad" (10 p.m. ET/PT) wraps up its second season Sunday night. Brace yourself.

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