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Hollywood Exclusive – Ask Stacy

DEAR STACY: Where is the little girl who plays Jasmine on "Tyler Perry's House of Payne?" — Isaac E., Bronx, N.Y.

DEAR ISAAC: The 10-year-old actress who played Jasmine Payne, China Anne McClain, left the show and was written out — her character went away to a school for gifted children — at the start of Season 5. She was seen as Rocky Carroll's daughter on "NCIS" this past season, and will be seen as Forest Whitaker's daughter in the upcoming film "Hurricane Season." The Decatur, Georgia-born actress also has a band with her two sisters, Lauryn and Sierra, called the 3McClain Girls.


DEAR STACY: Please settle a bet. A relative of mine says Jerry Seinfeld never won an Emmy. I recall he and his show being heaped with Emmy awards. Please help me prove I am right. — Larry G., Canton, Ohio

DEAR LARRY: Jerry Seinfeld was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series five times, but never won. He certainly did share in the victories of his iconic namesake show, however. I count 57 nominations plus 10 Emmy wins — including Best Comedy Series (1993) — for the greatest show about nothing that ever was.


DEAR STACY: Is Nathan Fillion of "Castle" married? How tall is he? Age? I saw him in "Serenity," "Waitress" and "Firefly." What else has he done? What a honey. — Lisa G., Pompton Plains, NJ

DEAR LISA: The 38-year-old, 6-feet-1-and-a-half-inch actor, who hails from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is single and closed-mouthed about his romantic life. His long list of credits includes the final season of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," the series "Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place," and daytime's "One Life to Live." He starred in the comedy horror flick, "Slither" and had small roles in "Saving Private Ryan" and "Blast from the Past." He shows his singing ability playing Captain Hammer in Joss Whedon's musical Internet hit, "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" of last year.


DEAR STACY: What can you tell me about Nancy O'Dell of "Access Hollywood"? — Kathy C., Spokane, Wash.

DEAR KATHY: O'Dell, 43, is a former Miss South Carolina from Myrtle Beach. The Clemson University summa cum laude graduate began her career as a reporter and anchor at a news station in Myrtle Beach. It led to a job as a morning news anchor and crime reporter in Charleston, S.C. and Miami, Fla. O'Dell was part of the on-air team that launched "Access Hollywood" in 1996, serving as weekend co-anchor and weekly correspondent until becoming co-anchor in 1999. Standing 6 feet tall, O'Dell is the tallest of the entertainment magazine show hostesses. Wed to TV executive Keith Zubchevich since June, 2005, she's the mother of daughter Ashby Grace, who turns 2 next month.


DEAR STACY: Bill Cullen was one of my favorite game show hosts. Whatever become of him? — Phyllis L., Bellflower, Calif.

DEAR PHYLLIS: The popular game show host died of cancer at age 70, back in 1990.


DEAR STACY: Are there any plans for Patrik-Ian Polk to bring back the series "Noah's Arc"? Are any of the 1970s "Soul Train" shows on DVD? — L.S., New York, N.Y.

DEAR L.S.: There are no plans for more episodes of the "Noah's Arc" LOGO series that's been called a gay, African-American answer to "Sex and the City." The movie, "Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom," which picks up after the show's second season cliff-hanger finale, and centers around the wedding of Noah Nicholson (Darryl Stephens) and his boyfriend Wade Robinson (Jensen Atwood), had a limited release last year and came out on DVD in February. As far as "Soul Train" episodes from the '70s, there have been no official releases. The main stumbling point apparently is license/royalty fees for the music. Episodes are easy to find on the Internet, however — if you don't mind fuzzy, taped-off-the-TV quality with Korean subtitles.


DEAR STACY: PLEASE — Who is the voice of the Applebee's commercials? I know it's someone famous, but I can't put my finger on it. — John H., New York, N.Y.

DEAR JOHN: That's John Corbett of "United States of Tara," "Sex and the City," and "Northern Exposure" fame.

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