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Corrine Brown Explores U.S. Senate Bid

0Democratic Congresswoman Corrine Brown is seriously considering a run for the United States Senate seat currently held by Mel Martinez.

Brown has reportedly decided to open an exploratory account for the race and made comments that confirmed her interest in the seat.

"I just think the state needs more than someone who's there to talk a great game, smile and take pictures, but the key is to deliver for the people of Florida," said Corrine Brown.

The idea of a Brown candidacy for Senate is likely making many Democrats quite nervous. The Congresswoman has been a source of tremendous controversy for decades. Everything from the "Freedonia" debacle, the sandbags during Tropical Storm Faye, ethics investiations, accusations of bribery, etc.

One of the most notable ethics complaints was that Brown's daughter Shantrel, a lawyer who worked for the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, had received a $50,000 Lexus LS 400 automobile as a gift from an agent of a Gambian millionaire named Foutanga Sissoko.

If Brown decides to run, she'll face African-American Congressman Kendrick Meek.

Meek has already raised over $1.5 million for his campaign and recieved a boost when his main rival, State Senator Dan Gelber, dropped out of the race this weekend.

"It's a free country. Anybody can run for any office they want to," said Meek.

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  1. Corrine delivers the crazy!

    GO GATOR!!!!

  2. She doesn't want to deliver for the people of Florida, she wants to deliver for Corrine Brown. Her ethics violations should have thrown her out a long time ago.