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Monday’s Top TV Picks

Having exhausted its own bad reality ideas, NBC has resorted to borrowing one from ABC, which took the idea from a British network. The ABC version flopped, but that hasn't deterred NBC from giving another go-round to I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here! (tonight, 8 ET/PT).

Among the "celebrities" being dropped into the Costa Rican jungle is the wife of indicted former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, who was forced to withdraw himself when a judge nixed his invitation. Change the premise to I'm Desperate for Celebrity — Leave Me Here, and the show might actually be worth watching.

• A confession: I have no interest in Jon & Kate Plus 8 (TLC, 9 ET/PT), nor can I fathom people who would put their marital woes on TV for all to enjoy — and for their children to watch years later.

Still, tonight's episode is "Kate's Birthday Surprise" — and even I will admit to some curiosity as to what surprise her husband might have in mind. If the universe were just, it would be a cancellation notice. Considering last week's record ratings, we all know that's not happening.

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