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Tallahassee PR Firm Looking for an ‘Apprentice’

Donald Trump may not be in the boardroom, but the stakes are just as high for four interns at a Tallahassee-based public relations company.

Four women working as public relations interns for Kidd Group, a Tallahassee communications company that represents state agencies and other governmental entities and banks among other clients, are competing for a job with the company in an internship modeled after the Donald Trump TV show, “The Apprentice.”

“I think it's so fun because I really love competition and I've always wanted to be on “The Apprentice” since it first came out – like Donald Trump-style, so when I first saw this I thought it was so different and creative,” said Kaitlyn Hastings, a rising senior at the University of Florida.

Hastings, Sully Moreno, Lynsey Sherman and Alyssa Canales all want the job come the end of the summer. For Hastings and Moreno, who still have school to finish, it would be a part time gig. For Sherman and Canales, it could mean a full time job.

Allison Fogt, an account manager for the firm, said the four interns are given tasks each week and the one who does the best is declared the winner. The ultimate winner of course, wins gainful employment.

“Should they accept...they would be able to have the opportunity to work for us part time and see how that goes,” Fogt said. It’s the second year the firm has run the competition.

The four women have as their client Govloop.com, a social networking site for federal employees.

One of their biggest tasks so far has been to plan a one year anniversary party for the site that will be held in Washington D.C. later this month.

A potential party plan was submitted in the “boardroom” by the interns on Wednesday. Four Kidd Group employees plus a guest panelist then quizzed them over details.

Would the party DJ consider a discount if Govloop did free advertising? If the party is held outdoors, are there bathrooms? Would it be a cash bar or open bar?

At the end of the presentation, the women learn who won the previous week's challenge. Last week's was to write a press release about two awards that Govloop won. Moreno, a Florida State junior, was declared the winner.

“Oh my God, finally!” she said, smiling.

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