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Local Republicans Want to Drive the Discussion



A group of more than 200 of North Florida's Republican party leaders, grassroots activists, and elected officials met at the Holiday Inn in Lake City on Saturday. Their purpose was to discuss the issues facing America and energize the party as it gears up for a difficult 2010 election cycle. The organization of the event was lead by Congressional Caucus Chairman and Nassau GOP State Committeeman Doug Adkins.

Former House Speaker and current U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio delivered remarks that seemed to speak directly to the base of the party. Rubio touched on cultural issues and his support for the Fair Tax. He stressed in no uncertain terms that he would stay in the Senate race for the duration, despite being urged by some in the party to instead run for Governor or Attorney General.

But Rubio wasn't the only U.S. Senate candidate at the event. Long-shot Senate candidate Bernie DeCastro made what was perhaps the most energetic address of the entire event. DeCastro managed to use the "n-word" at least a half-dozen times, but in a (mostly) non-offensive way.

Also pitching to the crowd were Attorney General candidate Jim Lewis, Congressional candidate Troy Stanley and representatives from the Putnam and Baker campaigns for Agriculture Commissioner.

rayNumerous state Representatives and Senators attended the event and spoke during the various panel discussions, including both Lake Ray and Janet Adkins from the Duval Delegation.

janetVideos of some of the speeches will be posted on YouTube shortly, and we will post them as they become available.  The Drive the Discussion movement is making heavy use of social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to spread the word. 

Early in the day, Doug Adkins noted that no paper invitations had been sent out for the event.  Facebook was used as the primary way to spread the word about the meeting and collect RSVPs.

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  1. This was a great event, it was also apparent that the grassroots was fed up with the party when one after another expressed their deep concerns about the party direction to the RNC Committeeman. There was also some educational aspects regarding campaigns, but the real solutions seemed to originate from the Republican Liberty Caucus and 912 representatives. It is obvious the RLC's founding fathers approach of state rights could go far in uniting the party. Hopefully, the Republican Party embraces this intelligent dynamic caucus within the party. They are the last hope in restoring our republican form of government.

    • Maria,

      I agree... there are some great things happening from the Grass Roots of the Party. Mr. Adkins and others from around the state did a great job in making this event happen. I cannot thank them enough.

      There is much work to be done and the Republican Liberty Caucus is poised to make it happen. Not with the typical Money and B.S. but with the respect and admiration of every individual, the knowledge of our founding documents, and the rationality and importance of our "Constitutional Republic"

      I furthermore agree and are of the opinion that our "Great GOP" would do well to adjoin with the Republican Liberty Caucus in taking back our Republic!!

      "The Socialists" have stolen our sovereignty and our lively hoods with lies and deceit. We will "Take it Back" from them with truth and honesty.

      In God We Trust!!

      Mike Durden

  2. Tired of Republicans creating new taxes (fees)?

    Tired of a GOP that grows entitlements instead of eliminate them (Medicare part D or Jacksonville Journey)?

    Tired of Republican "leaders" who waffle on local issues and will not take a stand for your money?

    Tired of social and corporate welfare (bailouts)?

    Are you wondering what has been done to YOUR party?

    Come home to the RLC ...


  3. The State of Florida is smack in the middle of the transition from a low cost/low wage state to a high cost/low wage state. And what does this mean for the citizens and taxpayers? It means brace yourselves for more government, more bureaucracy and even more taxes.

    Rumblings have been going on for several years now in regards to instituting a state income tax on your wages to generate more revenue for the state to feed it's insatiable desire for tax dollars. Instead of lowering costs and shrinking the size of government, elected officials are relentless in their pursuit of big government.

    Many of you feel powerless to stop the freight train of taxation thundering down the tracks. But there is something you can do. You can support and help fund a candidate that owes no allegiance to any of the more than 1,000 registered PACs.

    Yes you did see that right - there are more than 1,000 registered Political Action Committees (PACs) in the state of Florida working AGAINST YOU! All that is needed for any establishment hack to get elected is for a few hundred PACs to kick in the maximum $500. That's over $100,000 in donations... plenty enough dry powder to get their corrupt, disingenuous message to enough voters who haven't the time to conduct diligent research on candidates.

    And who tells the PACs who the "right" candidates are to contribute to? Well the PACs would have you believe the process is purely democratic. They issue questionnaires every election cycle and supposedly, depending on how the candidate answers the questionnaire, they will make a decision to contribute.

    Yea right... fat chance. In march the lobbyists to set the record straight and off go the checks to the predetermined candidates. Ever wonder why professional lobbyists represent multiple PACs? It's not rocket science folks, but it sure does serve to pull the wool over your eyes while giving the PACs, the lobbyists and the political establishment enough plausible deniability to skate criminal conspiracy charges.

    Don Corleone is dancing the jig on a cloud.

    But you can do something. You can support Dean Santoro in the race for State House District 107. Let the PACs donate $500 each to their bought and paid for candidates. We are millions of citizens in Florida. I am calling all of the freedom loving Floridians to reach far and wide across the state – by phone, by email, by letter, by every means available. I humbly ask those who proclaim to want representation that not only resembles but MIRRORS what you would do if you were sitting in Tallahassee, solidify your support of my candidacy with a donation today and encourage all of your freedom loving friends to do the same.

    Dean Santoro will:
    Never allow his vote to be bought or sold
    Never vote for a tax increase of any kind
    Never be influenced by special interest groups
    Fight tooth and nail against every piece of legislation that chips away at your freedoms

    That's what you get for your money when you contribute to Dean Santoro. It doesn't matter if you live in Pensacola, Orlando, Miami or Key West... the votes I will make in Tallahassee effect you in EVERY corner of the state. And if you live outside of Florida, your support can help tremendously. Remember, any time a freedom loving person is elected anywhere in the country it is a win for all Americans.

    You can be a part of history in this campaign.

    The establishment is betting against me.
    The lobbyists are betting against me.
    They are all banking on your indifference and apathy.

    Show them they are wrong. Please click go to my website http://www.deansantoro.com and click on the contribute button and give whatever you can afford today. My voice is your voice.

    Your contribution to my campaign means you hire ME to represent you.

    Each and every one of you who donates to my campaign will receive my personal cell phone number. And I promise to hear your point of view on legislation, not the lobbyists and special interest group PACs.

    Your contribution means you hire me to work for you leading the charge in Tallahassee for less government and lower taxes... MUCH less government if I have my way.

    Please contribute today. http://www.deansantoro.com

    In Liberty,
    Dean Santoro

  4. We had 260 people from 19 counties attend the DRIVE THE DISCUSSION 2010 GRASSROOTS CONFERENCE. The need to listen is paramount to building a majority that will stand up for Florida. The next DRIVE THE DISCUSSION event is a North Florida Youth Caucus which will focus on the youth and will be held in Jacksonville on July 25th. Please make plans to come and support the Republican Party and DRIVE THE DISCUSSION for our youth!

  5. Your article failed to mention what people tell me was the most informative and educational part of the meeting: the panel discussion of the 10th Amendment led by Duval County State Committeeman Rick Hartley and Republican Liberty Caucus member Sarah Lovett. More than 35 states have passed or are considering passing 10th Amendment resolutions which warn the federal government it is exceeding its authority.

    Support for passage is growing in Florida and across the nation among citizens who realize the importance of protecting their individual, state and national sovereignty from an overreaching federal government.