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Poll: Who Should Be Jacksonville’s Next Mayor?




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  1. Two people that you have not put on the list that I think have potential are Alan Mosely (current city operations manager) and Stephen Joost (city councilman). Stephen has the best shot of the two with Firehouse backing him financially but Alan knows what is going on. Either one would be great for Jacksonville.

    I've known Jim Bailey for years and would be proud to have him as Mayor. He absolutely has Jacksonville in his heart. He has devoted endless hours promoting Jacksonville. And his wife is nicer than he is! Jim is a visionary. He would have a plan for the shipyards to rival New York, London or Paris.

  2. In light of the recent Trail Ridge fiasco I don't think Alan would have a chance. He's a nice guy, but he would be eaten alive in the political arena.

    Regardless of who runs and is eventually elected my prediction is that anybody currently in City Government will NOT get the job. There's been so much discontent (new fees, etc) and scandal (Grand Juries, Trail Ridge, etc) that anyone involved in any of those situations is going to have a hard time doing anything other than defending thier decisions.

    I believe and agree with the analysis of Jim Bailey. He would be my choice.

  3. John Rood can go dunk his head.

  4. Mike Hogan hands down!

    Mike was the only person appointed to the TBRC in NE Florida. This body had the power to place any constitutional amendment directly on the ballot for a vote.

    While Christ appointees were pushing to create a state income tax, Mike Hogan was pushing for spending caps on state and local governments. While the Peyton administration was using taxpayer money to higher John Thrasher to lobby against taxpayer's interest, Mike Hogan stood fast and resisted pressure from the power brokers here.

    Even when special interest groups (largely funded by taxpayer money) ran slanderous attack adds on the radio locally, Mr. Hogan stood up for working families.

    Mike Hogan is the only tax collector who does not want to collect your taxes.

    • hogan is a career politician. Same old thing. what has this man done other than earn off of your tax dollars?

      • Mr. Hogan is NOT the same ole thing. I know that Mayor Peyton does not like him, the super rich in Jacksonville do not support Mike Hogan. That is more than enough for me to know that we average and little people need the leadership of men like Mike Hogan.

  5. What about Audrey Moran??? She has been mentioned a lot and would be a great mayor.

  6. Some of us middle class types yearn for a mayor who isn't just a puppet for the greedy wealthy or the worthless poor. Is there someone out there??????????

  7. curry is the only outsider that has any chance and his chance is remote. he does have a chance though. he prob would not run anyway which is the problem with our system. aggresive bus man with a family would not want to enter this nasty pool of politics. we need men and women like him in.

    listen to this man. he is measured. clearly very conservative but not red meat.


  9. I should be Mayor.

  10. Mike Hogan this is insane. Insanity is beating your head against the wall, waking up with a headache, and doing it again the next day expecting different results. This man has been in Elected office since 1991, that's 18 years of sucking off the taxpayer. Everything is broken and were going to recycle the same old thing? Give me somebody, anybody NEW! Falconetti, Yarbrough, Curry someone new. Stop the insanity and the headache will leave.

    • Parrothead, don't forget Peyton was new when he was first elected. I think this time it might be better to look at someone who has served and what their record has been. Trying someone NEW is like passing on a curve, you never know what's going to hit you head on until its too late.....

      • again. lets go with what we know same old tired men than could not make their own way in the world. i guess it is safe. is that what you want?

    • "New" Like 'Hope' and 'Change' new? New, just like hope and change, have no value when selecting a person to lead. New, may not be a good thing. It could even be 'insane'. Mike has put in 18 years of serving, not 'sucking'. My pastor told me the other day, that Mike came by our church to find out how Murray Hill Baptist helped Ruth Upson Elm. make an "A" this year. This was not Mikes job. He did this so that he could learn how to help the children and teachers in government schools, do better. We do not need "New". We need a person who Serves. I believe Mike Hogan is that person.

    His integrity, hard work ethic, and outstanding character are just some of the reasons that he will make a great mayor for our city!

  12. Mike has my vote.

  13. MIKE HOGAN!!!!!!!!


  15. Mike Hogan is our man!

  16. Mike Hogan would be fantastic. He has done so much for the community. What we don't want is some left wing nutjob who is going to raise our taxes and add more and more social programs that we can't afford. We need someone who will support the local military we have been blessed to be surrounded by and someone who will get rid of the bureaucracy that plagues cities that are growing like ours. We need someone who will work to get higher level jobs in here that require more educated workers so that we have higher incomes in the city.

  17. Mike Hogan is a fine upstanding and experienced person who would be an excellent mayor.

  18. For those who believe Hogan is some of "the same old thing" you need to get to know this man. He is NOT a career politician. He became a public servant after many years with Ma' Bell. Give this man a chance, then decide. He has experience in the private sector and is well respected in political circles; this is a combination you shouldn't ignore.

  19. Shouldn't we wait until one of them actually starts putting out what their positions are on the issues, or see who their "advisors" are going to be, or see how they react in a public forum?

  20. Anyone who knows Mike Hogan knows this isnt even worth polling...He is the finest candidate ever to run for this position and anyone just calling him a career polititian has not even take the time to check him out or meet him because that's the last way you'd feel about him if you actually knew him.

    • 18 yrs in office thats a career

      • 18 years of campaign contributors to look thru.

      • 28 years w/SouthernBell is a career, 18 years as a public servant is experience. Also, wheres the logic in claiming 18 years of experience in public life is a negative thing, it just gives us that much more to judge him by, choices made, ect. Who would select an unexperienced person to be the CEO of their company? The mayor of Jacksonville needs to be experienced in public service, know the issues at hand in this town, and have a track record of success. That again is why Mike Hogan is the man for this job.

  21. I'm for Mike Hogan all the way!!!!

  22. Mike is definitely not like others, after all he was one of only two council members to vote against having the Jaguars. Just think if he had been mayor then. Also, he is the only elected offiicial who puts his name in lights on all his offices, now thats different. I wonder how much thats going to cost to change out those signs when he leaves being tax collector, will city hall have in bright lights Mike Hogan Mayor across the top.

    • well. like is said. 18 years in office, name in lights. i call that a career.
      jim bailey, john rood are also new options

  23. I have known Mike Hogan for a number of years. He is the kind of candidate that everyone is looking for. He is smart and totally honest, loves his country and brings to every political decision the question "what is best for all" . As difficult as it is to be a politician today and with this media environment, I think we attract more people that are out to help themselves and therefore willing to take the risks. This man is unequivocally an exception.
    He will always have my vote.

  24. Mike has my vote. I have known him for 30 years. He is an honest and fair man, full of compassion and wisdom. A very good listener.