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Change is Coming to Health Care

hartley-postWant to know about ObamaCare?  Go on line to Organizing for America.  It's the Democrat Party's website to leverage the internet contacts they gained during the election.  I signed up to see what was going on.  Several weeks ago I received an e-mail asking me to share my most compelling health care horror story.  The e-mail was very specific about the type of stories they wanted. 

Now we are beginning to see the worst of the worst case scenarios that the Democrat Party collected from thousands of submissions.  Yes, there are problems providing the best health care in the world to our 300 million people. 

We want cheap health care as long as we don't need it.  But when my child gets sick I want private rooms, fast service, smiling faces and the latest wonder drugs from the evil drug companies. 

There are ways to cut costs, but not without cutting quality and comfort. Do you want the bureaucracy that handled Katrina to decide if you really need a new liver?   Who is going to decide if you are too old or too fat to receive treatment?  Once treatment is free, everyone will be standing in line at the ER.  Someone will have to decide who gets what.  We will be calling our Congressman asking them to get us that expensive cancer drug that the Health Czar says we are too old to receive. 

Do you know Corrine Brown's private number?

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  1. If you make health care too cheap and easy to get everyone will stand in line.
    Even for the smallest thing. Instead of chicken soup and bed rest it will be the ER. I belong to DC37, one of the largest unions and they used to have a drug plan that was very cheap. People took advantage of it and it started to run out of money and had to be modified. The same will happen to Obamacare.

  2. Horror stories are useful to gin-up a “crisis” to justify converting the best healthcare system in the world to inept, incompetent government-run socialized medicine where a distant, unknown bureaucrat makes your healthcare decisions. As Rahm Emmanuel said, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.” After successfully nationalizing banks and car manufacturers, the next logical step for the Obama administration, in its dizzying, warp-speed rush to bring the economy under centralized control, is to nationalize health care.

    Some foolishly believe they will get the same quality care under socialized medicine they are getting now. They are wrong. They need only look to the reason why Canadians come across the border seeking medical care in the U.S.

    In fact, under the Obama administration, rationing services, as in Canada, has already begun with the government through Medicare refusing to pay for prostate cancer treatment in elderly men and colonoscopy screening for colon cancer for the elderly. Also, allowing payment for drug #1, which works for most people, but not allowing payment for drug #5 which works best for you.

    Scare tactics, such as “millions” are without healthcare, frighten people into giving up freedom for what they mistakenly believe is security. Although it is true that some people choose not to purchase insurance and some cannot afford to buy insurance, everyone in this country has access to medical care, even illegal aliens. By law, free medical care is available to all at an emergency room, even though it is the most expensive method of delivery and is frequently abused.

    Obamacare is not the answer. Centralized control is not the answer. Government getting out of the way and allowing patients to contract with their doctor and their insurance company for services without government interference is the answer. Go with the doctor and the insurance company that gives you the best price. This model worked for years in this country and led to the creation of the exceptional healthcare system we have today.

    Socialist solutions are never the answer to any problem in a free society.

    • The ER is required to treat you without inquiring about your ability to pay only if you have a condition that requires stabilization. If you do require medical attention, this is not free. The hospital will bill you.

      If people had access to real health care, they could see a doctor for preventive attention and require the ER less, reducing the cost of health care for all of us.

      Millions without health insurance is not a scare tactic, it is a tragedy. It is an indication of the failure of our dysfunctional, not exceptional, health care system.

  3. This just in... the healthcare system we have today is by no means exceptional. Reality is that millions are without health care options. But I guess if everybody were able to treat their illnesses, the offices would be busier. Is this really the argument against the plan now? If everyone can afford health care, then everyone will want to use it. Damn, now the poor will want to be healthy too!