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My Air Conditioning System is Leaking

My brother, Ed Miller, Jr., President of Snyder Heating and Air Conditioning, recently told me of an A/C Unit trouble call the company received. “This lady called and said her ceiling had a leak and that our A/C unit we installed must be responsible.” he said. Snyder receives approximately 30 similar calls a day. “Some calls we can handle by phone but in majority of cases we have to go to the house or company to find out what the problem truly is.”

Between the service and preventative maintenance (they clean your unit annually) approximately 25 trucks are on the road daily around the city.

“This is one for the books!” Ed exclaimed. “We’ve never ever seen anything quite like this.” His technician arrived right on time and was escorted to the hallway where just as the woman had said on the phone, the ceiling was leaking. “Sometimes those kind of things are from plumbing pipes but this was close enough to a vent to appear like it had something to do with the A/C.” said Ed.

The technician unscrewed the vent and reached his hand into the duct work. “It was dry as a bone,” he reported. 

Another problem that homeowners have with their A/C units are leaks due to humidity. “If there is some kind of damage to the duct work, it can cause the duct work to sweat appearing as a leak,” Ed told me during my A/C lesson.

Finally there was only one thing to do: “The technician climbed up into the hot attic.”

 When he crawled back to the area where the leak was supposedly occurring, he looked up and noticed just what was causing the situation. “There was this 4” to 5” hole in the roof,” Eddie said.

So now he climbed down from the attic and after going outside and getting his ladder, he climbed up on the roof. “From inside the house he could tell that some object had penetrated the roof.” Just as he reached the top of the arch in the roof, he looked over to where the hole would be and there it was. “The culprit was a crashed airplane. Not a real plane but a fairly large gas-powered remote control airplane. Apparently, it had fallen straight down from a considerable height and crashed right through the roof.” Ed said as he drank from his bottled water. “Can you imagine?”

We both laughed as he brought up the grainy photos of the cellphone shots of the plane. "All of us have been in the business for years but nobody has ever seen or even heard of such a situation."


So in conclusion: If you have lost your remote control plane... call Snyder Heating and Air Conditioning and ask for Ed Miller.



Joe MillerJoseph Miller is a life-long resident of Jacksonville, Florida, and an active member of the Rotary Club of South Jacksonville. As a historian, he recently completed his first book on the Founder of Rotary, Paul P. Harris, titled “That Paul Harris.”

Joseph can be reached at JaxHistory@gmail.com.

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  1. Fun story. Last week, Snyder Heating and Air came to my house for a leak. A remote control plane was not the problem, but they did a great job. ONCE AGAIN, I'M COOL.

  2. We recently had our outside unit replaced & ended up having to get the whole system re-wired, due to the previous owners trying to fix things themselves! We need to get our unit cleaned & have the attic re-insulated in some places.

  3. Great article Joe,
    You never know what were going to find. This was one for the record books.
    Thanks again for writing the article.