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No More Phonebooks?

The Public Service Commission will hold its regularly scheduled conference on Tuesday.

One of the items on the agenda includes a proposal by AT&T Florida to discontinue their policy of giving customers a printed copy of residential listings up front. Customers will continue to receive a copy of the yellow pages but must request a free copy of the white pages by calling the company.

This will be a cost savings and help to reduce waste. People are increasingly turning to the Internet to find local services and using sites like Facebook to keep up with personal contact information.

Even though physical phone book usage is on the decline across the nation, phone companies continue to print and deliver 540 million unsolicited directories a year. Although the decline in advertising that has plagued the rest of the publishing industry is affecting the yellow pages business as well, and many books are a lot thinner this year then they were in previous editions.

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  1. Google is getting rich by directing those who search for a particular search term to an advertiser who can fill their need. Like the car companies, the obituary has been written for the phone books but they haven't read it yet.

  2. @paul,

    I still use my yellow pages. Just opened it the other day to find an insurance company. Dude, there will ALWAYS be companies that buid cars. The industry is just evolving. And In the same way, the Yellow Pages will always be around. They have been there for 100 years and are likely to be there in some shape well after we are both rotting away in our graves. It will just change and evolve.

  3. The article does not mention that they are also providing a CD with all the listings - both white and yellow. When I want to find a business or person down the street, I don't want to search the globe!
    I also see that there is a website with all the books - that's pretty handy.

  4. Both google & yahoo searches are very helpful when looking for a specific business, but a bit harder in finding several listings that match a category. On the other hand, I like finding both the location information & the company's website all in one search!

  5. @Sue Artis:

    What website has all of the AT&T books on it?