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Our Next Mayor: Holland? Hogan? Curry?

winnersLast week the Jacksonville Observer conducted an unscientific poll that asked readers to pick their favorite candidate to be Jacksonville's next mayor.

The choices we put on the ballot included: State Representative Mike Weinstein, Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland, Tax Collector Mike Hogan, Former Ambassador John Rood, Former Jaguar Tony Boselli, Newspaper Publisher Jim Bailey, General Counsel Rick Mullaney, as well as Councilmembers Kevin Hyde, Glorious Johnson, Ronnie Fussell, Jack Webb and Daniel Davis. Voters could also choose to write-in any candidate they wished.

We counted a total of 559 votes, and two clear winners emerged from the pack.

In first place, with 36% of vote, was Jerry Holland. 

Holland is a former Councilman and our current Supervisor of Elections.

"I'm very pleased to see those kind of numbers, I think it's a reflection of how our office has done and of all the work that we've been doing," said Holland.

When asked if he was actually considering a run for mayor in 2011, Holland stated: "I'm not saying I'm not. Right now I'm really focusing on 2010 and running the gubernatorial election. Any decision would come after that."

Holland said that the level of support he received in the poll "gives me something to think about."

In second place, but still far ahead of the rest of the pack, was Tax Collector Mike Hogan.

Hogan had served on the City Council as well as in the State House prior to being elected to his current position.

Unfortunately, Mr. Hogan was unavailable to comment on our poll as he is attending a conference.

In third place, with about 5% of the vote, was Lenny Curry.  

A local businessman and the current Chairman of the Duval County Republican Party, Curry was also the candidate who received the most write-in votes.  Interest in Curry as a potential candidate was fueled by a recent letter to the editor published in the Times-Union that urged Curry to consider running for the city's top spot.

"I am flattered and humbled by the confidence expressed in my leadership," Curry told the Observer.  

When pressed if he was really exploring getting into the mayor's race, Curry replied: "I am very focused on building the Republican Party and growing my company, ICX Group."

Behind Curry in fourth and fifth places are Republican-turned-Democrat Councilwoman Glorious Johnson and former Jaguar player Tony Boselli.

The write-in choices that received more than 2 votes were Curry (31 votes), the FOP's Nelson Cuba (11 votes), Councilman Clay Yarborough (7 votes), and Audrey Moran (4 votes).

Following are the complete results...


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  1. I would be happy to vote for Lenny Curry for Mayor. We need change and someone new, not the same old recycled career politicians.

  2. Clayton Junkins is the only candidate on the ballot so far --- why did you not see fit to include him in your "poll" but for as a write-in option?

    • Mr. Junkins has filed to run for mayor, as have several other individuals. He is not "on the ballot" yet as qualifying isn't for another year and a half.

  3. If you're not first you're last.

    • You're wrong - if you're not first with 50% of the vote, then you're just tied for second place.

      If this was a real election is would be a run-off with Hogan and Holland and Mike Hogan would clean the floor with Jerry Holland.

      That's the truth.

      • Sour grapes maybe? My, my, my what an attitude. Could cause some voters to change their mind about your candidate. I'm sure both Mr. Holland and Mr. Hogan have fine qualities - it's a shame when somebody has to ruin the outcomes. In this particular poll, it was not about who got 50% of the vote - it was who got the most votes. You're right - that would be a very interesting race, but I don't think your prediction of "clean the floor with. . ." would ever come true. from someone who'll be watching both sides in the future. . . you need to run your candidate for what he can do for this city period - don't fall into the same pit of running against the opposition - that's not becoming at all - especially from someone with the high standards of Mr. Hogan. Clean up your act or you could do harm. . .

  4. I'm a volunteer for the Party. Approximately 100 of us walked neighborhoods in 100 degree heat for the Republican Party this weekend at the request of Chairman Curry. If he wants this, you will see the neighborhood covered with folks like me. Don't know that he wants this, as none of us have heard him talk about it. We love him and will follow CHAIRMAN CURRY!

  5. "Real Republicans " seem to be an endangered species, and "real Democrats" about an extinct species. Perhaps the last "real Democrat" (Charlie Bennett) was bronzed and set up in Hemming Plaza! Looks like a few "real Republicans" may emerge. Lets hope that some "real" candidates will come forth. About sick of the usual run of self-interested, party of the moment, jargon speaking, treasury looting, puppets and panderers.

  6. I got off the couch and turned off my tv because the "professional" politicians don't get it and can't play well with others. They reeak of the same old political war machine that's been raging for centuries. we have got to wake up and stop the american idol of politics and start electing leaders not pollsters. people who are willing to do the right thing in spite of the next election. let the chips fall where they may. if you don't get re-elected and you did the right thing for the people of Jacksonville then go out with your head held high. that's called HONOR! we need more of that. not I just need another $40k paycheck and a resume builder. Please. Focus and elect people who have the moral fortitude to stand up to the special interests and the corporate greed that threaten all of us. Money is not the most important thing in this world. Our children's future is.
    me, again.

  7. I enjoyed watching this poll. Keep up the good work.

  8. Pait

    Many in local elected govt. use the 40k paycheck as a primary source of income. shameless. and Hogan has been drawing his primary source of income from the taxpayer since 1991. 1991. 1991. 1991.1991.1991.1991.1991.1991.1991.1991.1991. someone mentioned he was an exec at ma bell. how long and what was his position?

    • I don't want to bust your bubble, but Mike Hogan's 2008 salary as Tax Collector in Duval County was $146,542.00. I am not sure where you go the 40K paycheck. Mike actually retired from Bell South. Mike was over HR.

      • Since you're such an expert on salaries - how much does Jerry Holland get paid every year?

      • I don't know but he deserves every penny, after running such successful elections last year. When you look at the thousands of dollars spent on lawsuits in 2000 and 2004 elections, and none in 2008, I would say our taxpayer dollars have been well spent on his salary. But hey thats information is public just ask him.

  9. Jerry, is that you? So I am asking whatcha making?

  10. Curry's my Chairman, I hope he is my next Mayor. We will cover this city with volunteers for him. The likes of which you have never seen.

  11. Hogan is the next mayor.

    Holland is probably the city's best politican and will serve the republicans well in a higher role (State Senate, Congress???) down the road IF he should desire to do so.

  12. I don't know... I think that the people of Jacksonville are looking for something new. There are several new faces that are running. Who knows, one of them may be what the people are looking for, we will just have to wait and see.