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Duval GOP Chair Blasts Congressional Democrats

Earlier today, Lenny Curry, Chairman of the Duval County Republican Party, issued the a statement blasting Congressional Democrats for engaging in deceptive political games in order to avoid debate on a number of controversial amendments to a spending bill.

Following is the statement from Lenny Curry:

When voters went to the polls in November, they demanded a change in the way Washington behaved. Americans were tired of petty partisan bickering and backstabbing, but what we got instead was a Democrat majority drunk on its own power.

On Tuesday we saw an example of the kind of change that the Democrats really represent. At 6:30pm, House Democrat leaders informed their colleagues that there would be no further votes held that day. Naturally, most Representatives headed home to be with their families.

Two hours later a surprise call was put out to lawmakers, most of whom had already left Capitol Hill, that they must return to the floor for a vote on a series of amendments to an appropriations bill. Not surprisingly, many Republicans were unable to make it back in time for the sudden vote. In fact, many didn't learn of the vote until after it had already taken place.

It seems that Democrats were afraid of honestly debating three of the amendments, two of which were aimed at preventing infamous left-wing group ACORN from securing federal funding. A third amendment called for launching a Justice Department probe of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her allegations that the CIA lied to her.

Why would the Democrats deal with these amendments in such a deceptive way? These types of games are not what Americans were voting for when they stepped into the booth last November. It's worse than politics as usual!

The Democrat Party's agenda has been revealed for what it really is: back-room deals, wasteful big government spending, and crass political maneuvering devoid of any honest vision for America.

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  1. So this DCREC guy blasts Dems? Good grief. The local DCDEC and the local DCLEP and many other civic, political, labor, and business groups have joined together to ask for repeal of the Mayor's storm water tax, JEA tax, and garbage tax. These taxes are unusually regressive, unusally mean-spirited, and unusually inefficient. Most DCREC members agree and advocate repeal. Yet the chair of the DCREC refuses to allow a vote on whether Republicans here support repeal! Seems this guy might do well to take care of business here in jacksonville where the DCREC is really messed up before he offers his advice on national problems. We will talk about goofy Mr. Curry today and Monday at 3 p.m. on my show on FM 105.7. I want to be fair, more than fair. I will bend over backwards to give more than equal time to any Republicans who explain why the local Republicans fail to take a stand. Thanks.--Andy Johnson

    • Mr. Johnson,

      Are you really defending these kinds of political games??

      As for Lenny Curry, he's a great leader for our local party, and hopefully we can convince him to be our next mayor:

      We need more like him.


    • Andy -

      I stand with you in your disappointment over the DCREC's failure to stand up to our tax raising Republican mayor. I am a Republican and I certainly have spoken out - as have many in the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC). We have issued Resolutions, protested and spoke at City Council Meetings.

      However, Chairman Curry is 100% correct in his statement here.

      IMO he is moving the Party in the right direction. The GOP ship has been way off course for awhile and Mr. Curry hasn't been at the helm long so I'm willing to give him some more time.

      John Stevens
      RLCNEF - Chairman

    • Well, isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black. I can almost guarantee if this tax was only on families making $250,000 or more a year or if only small businesses had to pay it you wouldn’t be on here spewing your garbage.

      You sir, have no idea what you are talking about. This is nothing more then another misguided attempt to somehow cast the Republican Party in a bad light. They don’t need to vote, anyone who knows the Republican Party knows they don’t support raising taxes and I am sure the mayor knows it as well.

      And what is with the mean-spirited? You think he imposed these taxes just to be mean? Good grief! Maybe before you go telling someone to remove a splinter from their eye, you should remove the plank from yours.

      The simple fact is if any democrat apposes a tax at the county or state level it is only because it would take away from the liberal Democrats in the Federal Government for their socialized agenda. Oh and it effect everyone not just the so-called “rich” and you know the liberals can’t be fair like that.

      Who are the democrats to talk about repealing a tax anyway? I think they own the patent on taxes. There is NO WAY the democrats can pay for all of their social agendas with out taxes; you can only barrow so much.

      You sir are scared just like the rest of the liberal democrats, The Republicans may have lost some elections last year, but we are coming back and we are united, determined, and most of all we are “right”.

      Just face the facts and tell the truth for once in your liberal life and admit you are scared, the Republicans are united, they are strong and they are going to take this country back. They are going to restore prosperity, integrity, constitutional values, the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit happiest and most of all pride in America.

      If I can leave you with just one thing that sticks in your mind it is ..

      Regan took 49 of the 50 states after Carter served only one term and your Mr. O is far worse then Carter ever was. Mr. Obama campaigned on republican values and showed up to work a blazing liberal. With our help! America is starting to see it.

      The Republicans will not rest, we will not tire, and we will never give up. Because this country, and the people in it, are the greatest on the planet.

      We are helping people everyday realize that Mr. Obama and the liberals are wrong. That the people of America are good people, they have come to the aid of any who needed it and even some that didn’t deserve it, they have served without reward, they have overcome diversity, and that FREEDOM is a “God” given right which must be defended at all costs.

      We are right, we are strong, and we are coming for those seats.
      So if I were you I wouldn't look back in this race, your gonna have a hard enough time seeing the Republican blow by you.

      See you at the polls.

    • Amy who?, Oh! Andy Johnson! Who's that? I never heard of this guy, nor 105.7. When I'm on that end of the dial, I'm listening to 106.5.
      Let's look at this guys diatribe:

      >So this DCREC guy blasts Dems?
      Absolutely. That's the way the system works. You have the smart people on one side and the lemmings on the other. Only you lemmings don't think anyone should disagree with you. Let me help you: It's called "Free Speach". You know? like when Barney Frank wears his love-life on his sleeve, (is it just me, or does it look like his lips are worn down?).
      Anyway; you have the Dims using dirty tricks in Washington, a man complains about it and you're surprised?That tells me at best you're a partisan hack, or just plain ignorant. At worst, you can't get your radio audience above three, (that would be your wife, your mother, and your producer- I was going to include your girlfriend, but I doubt you have one with that boring personality) and you're trying to generate some attention with this adolecent post.

      At first I was pleased to see a Dim opposed to a tax hike, but then I realized, this is a tax hike >heYet the chair of the DCREC refuses to allow a vote on whether Republicans here support repeal!
      I was in the last Duval REC meeting and I remember voting to adopt a position of low taxes. It appears to me that you don't know what you're talking about. But that doesn't surprise me, thats why liberal talk radio fails- much to the worry of your mother.

      >Seems this guy might do well to take care of business here in jacksonville where the DCREC is really messed up before he offers his advice on national problems
      This is a common tactic of liberals when they know they've been caught with their pants down. It's called a diversionary tactic. The only problem is; the Dims use it to sidestep issues: but they think people are really fooled by it.
      Here are the facts:
      1. ACORN is supsiciously facing similar crimminal charges around the country- even though their leadership denies any knowledge of such practices, (as my daughters would say: "yeah, right"). A vote comes up to address that concern and your leadership pulls a fast one and you support that? This speaks volumes to the condition of your personal character- but again, you could just be trying to get some attention to keep your job.
      2. This was an adolecent trick to keep Dims from having to deal with the issues surrounding organization: something you are trying to say Mr. Curry is doing. Again, talk about your Hypocrite!

      >We will talk about goofy Mr. Curry today and Monday at 3 p.m. on my show on FM 105.7. I want to be fair, more than fair

      Yeah, thats what this is: an attempt to get someone: even a Republican to listen to your show. Dude, you're such a putz! Seems we've caught you with your pants down and your upset because we've seen your "who-who". With that audience (or lack thereof) and your limited mental acuity- I can see why you're upset.

      This is whats fair: you should ask Mr Curry to come on his radio program to discuss this (I suspect he has a bigger audience) Mr Curry should entertain your request, then turn you down when you get to the radio station. THEN you can go back to your three listeners, and complain that he was a coward for not entertaining the debate. Only problem is; you will then be making Mr Currys' point about the Dims in Washington as you do.

      By the way, it's 8pm as I type this. I'm proud to say I didn't listen to your program, (I never heard of it). That means I didn't regurgitate my dinner, and you didn't increase your ratings by 25%

      >"I will bend over backwards to give more than equal time to any Republican"

      Yeah, Barney would be really proud of you. . .

    • Andy, clearly you are an informed man with great access to information in our community. From what limited knowledge I have, I read that the fees you speak of were needed to generated approx $27 million dollars in needed revenue for the City budget. Please give me your specific and detailed alternative to this situation.

  2. Andy -

    This Republican and the http://www.RLCNF.org stand with you on this issue.

    However, the DCREC Chairman is 100% correct in his statement posted here.

  3. Look who's calling someone goofy. The fact is Andy, Lenny Curry is taking this town by storm with a combination of incredible political savy, integrity and honor. I would never expect you to recognize these qualities because you are nothing more than a political hack. Just keep believing that the local Republican party is a mess. Come 2010 we'll show you just what kind of leader we have in Chairman Curry.

    • Our Chairman told it like it is and if you saw the article by AP that the "smoking gun" may have reared its head, the Democrats better be very careful about what they say and do. It is all coming out now and even the national media can't keep a cover on it any more. Just keep watching. Republicans NEVER give up. We are not gone and we are not daed. Duval under the great and inclusive leadership of our Chairman is on the march. We have our maching orders, are shoes are tied and we have all the political amunition we need. The Democrats keep on giving it to us. As in "My Fair Lady" it states, "just you wait Enry Higgins just you wait