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Tom Golisano Reportedly Considering Senate Bid

tom-golisanoSouth Florida political blog Politics1.com is reporting that New York billionaire Tom Golisano "is now contemplating a Democratic run for Florida's open US Senate seat. Golisano, who owns homes in both New York and Florida, recently switched his residency to the Sunshine State."

Golisano is the founder of Paychex, one of the top payroll processor companies in the United States and is the co-owner of the Buffalo Sabres hockey team and of the Buffalo Bandits lacrosse team.

Golisano's history as a candidate consists of three runs for Governor of New York as the nominee of the NY Independence Party, of which he was also a co-founder.

In 1994 he receieved 217,490 votes or 4.1% of the total. In his second run, in 1998, his vote total improved to 364,056 votes or 7.7%. Making another bid for governor on the Independence Party line in 2002, Golisano improved his showing to 654,016 votes and 14.3%, actually winning Monroe county over Governor Pataki, 38-35%.

Golisano spent a combined $93 million on his three third party campaigns.

Although he's been a registered Republican in recent years, if Golisano decides to make a bid for the U.S. Senate he would likely do it's thought he would run as either a Democrat or an Independence candidate.

golisano94Yes, Florida does have an Independence Party affiliate... however it is far less organized than the New York version of the party.

Governor Charlie Crist and Former House Speaker Marco Rubio are the main candidates swinging it out for the Republican nomination at the moment.

It's been widely reported that Golisano was behind some recent political maneuverings in New York that caused control of the State Senate to pass from the Democrats to the Republicans. Called a "surprise coup" the affair has left a bad taste in the mouth of many Republicans and Democrats in the Empire State.

Last month, Golisano announced in a public letter that he was moving his primary residence to Florida as a way to escape New York state taxes. He said the move would save him $13,800 per day in income taxes, plus unspecififed amounts from lower sales taxes, gasoline taxes, utility taxes, and property taxes.

Golisano stated that by moving to Florida, he would be able to spend the money to fund "worthy causes," instead of spending it to fund "Albany's bloated bureaucracy, corrupt politicians or regular handouts to the special interests."

Only time will tell if Golisano considers a Senate bid to be one of those "worthy causes"  to which he'll direct his attention.

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  1. Tom Golisano has totally and absolutely put New York Government is chaos! He needs to just leave the area and take his bribery money and his hockey team with him! The man caould not get past 20% of the votes in any election he ran for. So what does he do? Destroy all that he could not possess. He needs to just leave and take the aptly named steve Pigeon with him.