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Advisors Say Golisano Won’t Run for Senate

tom-golisanoYesterday we reported about a rumor circulating on some political blogs that New York billionaire and new Florida resident Tom Golisano was considering making a bid for U.S. Senate.

The talk of a Golisano bid, which seems to have originated from the well respected Politics1.com, has spread around the Internet and into some "mainstream" media such as Politico and the Albany Times-Union.

However, it seems that people close to Golisano are shooting down the idea as a misunderstanding.

“No, zero chance,” Roger Stone told the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. Stone is a Golisano advisor and political guru who has worked on several of the billionaire's previous campaigns.

Stone went on to explain to the Democrat and Chronicle where he thinks the rumors may have come from...

Stone said he thinks he knows the genesis of the rumors. Political types, including himself, were in the Fort Lauderdale restaurant, Bova, last week talking about how Crist reached out to Golisano recently after Golisano announced he was changing his residency to Florida, which will save Golisano about $5 million in income taxes.

Apparently, Crist also hit Golisano up for a campaign contribution to his Senate bid, Stone said.

“Somebody said he’d be lucky if Golisano doesn’t move down here, decide he’s a Democrat, dump in another $75 million and beat his ass, and everyone laughed,” Stone recalled.

But Stone said, “I don’t think he’d ever run for anything again.”

Laureen Oliver, another close Golisano adviser, said she hasn’t spoken to Golisano in a few days, but she said she hadn’t heard anything from him about a Senate run in Florida.

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