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Congressman Miller Endorses Rubio in Senate Primary Race

Congressman Jeff Miller has endorsed Marco Rubio for United States Senate, the first member of Florida's House delegation to weigh in on the race. 

"Marco Rubio is a young, fresh voice for our cause, and he does believe in limited government," said Miller.

The battle for the Republican nomination is a race between front-runner Charlie Crist and underdog Rubio.   Former New Hampshire Senator Bob Smith, who relocated to Florida in 2002, has also thrown his hat into the ring. 

A recent poll shows Crist leading Rubio 54 percent to 23 percent.

Rubio has also been endorsed in recent days by former Presidential candidate and current Fox News host Mike Huckabee and Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina. 

Governor Crist's major endorsements include outgoing Senator Mel Martinez, former Florida Senator Connie Mack, former Presidential candidate and Senator John McCain, as well as former Presidential candidate and Senator Lamar Alexander.

Rubio is pushing for a busy schedule of debates, recently challenging the Governor the debate him 10 times at venues around the state. 

"Because Florida's next U.S. senator will be entrusted with steering our state and our country during an era of serious domestic and international challenges, it is imperative that we provide Floridians with numerous opportunities to learn more about the choice before them in this election," Rubio wrote in a letter to Crist.

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  1. Duval County would be an amazing place for all statewide candidates to debate the issues during a Primary!

    In recent years, Duval has been well known for the ability to raise funds for Republican candidates but is sadly never home to any of the debates. I hope we can change that and host debates in the 2010 season as the loyal voters of Northeast Florida would show up in droves.

    Duval has the energy, the venues and the voter base to support Primary debates as we have shown with so many well attended local debates and standing room only crowds for regular campaign stops by state and national candidates.

    We also have one of the best and most organized Republican Parties in Florida.

    Cindy Graves
    Duval Republican State Committeewoman