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Billy Mays III Remembers His Dad on Florida Radio Show

A day after TV pitchman Billy Mays' death, his son recalled the many speeches his father often gave.

He never could have known those same speeches would help him cope with the sudden loss of his father.

Billy Mays III, during a special tribute to his father on the "MJ Morning Show" in Tampa, says he spoke to his father Saturday night after finding out via Twitter that he had been on the US Airways flight earlier that day that made the rough landing at TIA after blowing a front tire.

"He sounded tired, it was nice to get to talk to him because there was a good chance I wouldn't have talked to him because I was coming over the next day," said Mays III, "I could hear it in his voice he was nervous about the surgery. It was one of those time he didn't mention it. He pretty much went on for 20 minutes in his nervousness about what he was going to do to help us get moving."

Mays said his father was scheduled on Monday to undergo his third hip surgery this year.

He told radio host MJ Kelli about some of his last words before he went to sleep Saturday night.

"He had a relaxing night that night. He leaned over to his wife, Deb, and said, 'Thanks for being you,' and he told her he was scared and he just wants to get it over with," Mays said.

There was a reason for the nervousness, according to Mays. He says his father was worried an infection would be discovered during the surgery.

Mays said he didn't find out about his father's death until about 10 a.m. Sunday because his phone had been turned off.

"When I got the news, I panicked for about five minutes maybe and for some reason, I got this super calm feeling and I heard the speech. I kind of accepted it and I started moving on," he said.

Mays was recalling a speech his father gave him after his apartment burned down a few months ago. He said his father told him, "Things like this happen and you just have to push on."

His father helped him get back on his feet and over the next few months, more speeches would come about getting through life.

"He's a gentle guy, he's just so generous, he pretty much, over the last five years, he has given me every opportunity I would ever want," said Mays.

"He was at his peak, we could look at where it could of gone. I'm just proud he made it where he did," he said.

Mays leaves behind his son Billy Mays III, wife, Deborah, and 3-year old daughter Elizabeth.

Billy Mays III said his father's funeral will likely be held in Pittsburgh.

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