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Sarah Palin to Resign as Governor

palinEarlier reports today indicated that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin would announce this afternoon that she did not plan to seek re-election to a second term. However, Fox News is now reporting that the Governor intends to step down at the end of this month.

Some political observers had expected Palin to forgo an opportunity to seek re-election, but few expected Palin to resign office. Her reason for stepping down was not immediately clear.

Since the McCain-Palin defeat in the 2008 election, there has been speculation that she will run for president in the 2012 presidential election.

Palin was a member of the Wasilla, Alaska, city council from 1992 to 1996 and the city's mayor from 1996 to 2002. After an unsuccessful campaign for Lieutenant Governor of Alaska in 2002, she chaired the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission from 2003 to 2004. She was then elected Governor of Alaska in November 2006.

"Once I decided not to run for re-election, I also felt that to embrace the conventional Lame Duck status in this particular climate would just be another dose of politics as usual, something I campaigned against and will always oppose," Palin said in a statement released by her office.

Palin is the first female governor of Alaska and the youngest person ever elected governor of that state.

Recent polls showed her running even with Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney as likely candidates for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. However, some are speculating that Palin has grown tired of the national media assault and is choosing to step out of the public spotlight entirely.

Lt. Governor Sean Parnell will take over as Governor of Alaska within the next month.

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  1. run, sarah, run!!!

    jacksonville loves you!!!!

  2. One less silly b!tch spewing GOP hate.

  3. I hope she runs in 2012, but why resign?!?!?!? 🙁

  4. Several details emerging and comments from around the blogosphere suggest she will resign because: 1) It is costing Alaska a fortune to defend the Gov. from baseless ethics complaints. 2) It gives the Lt. Gov a chance to establish himself as an incumbent before 2010. 3) It will give Palin the time to campaign for Republicans nationwide leading up to 2010. 4) Those she helps get elected or reelected in 2010 will help her secure the nomination in 2012.

  5. Or else she's tired of the whole thing... and it would be hard to blame her for that.

  6. The answer is simple. Alaska governors earn $125,000 per year. This total is less than one weeks worth of personal appearances. One of two things got to her. Either she wants to cash-in on her current fame or a wealthy (Fat Cat) business owner offered her a huge salary as a sponsorship for her Presidential bid. Maybe both of these are true.

    They claim that fame is like heroin, and that once you have tasted it, you need it every day. Women I know love her and cannot get enough of her. They would pay nearly anything to see her and attend her personal appearances. I think she could fill a stadium like a rock star.

    I don't agree that this will hurt her in the long run like the national media is suggesting. She has a Teflon-like style like a former democratic President we once had in office in the 90's.

    She is going for the money and fame ! And, I expect she will leave the "First Dude" and Alaska behind. She's a big girl now. She will jettison her past and launch her career into orbit.

    Finally, women have needs and desires, too. And, as we've seen with several Governors in the past couple months, they stray. It would be sexist to assume otherwise. You may read on Monday that Governor Palin has someone on the side. And it might be that Fat Cat mentioned above. Maybe they met somewhere along the Appalachian trail.

    This is a minor adjustment on the way to the White House. What a fireworks display on the 4th. This will be interesting.

    Can you imagine the notoriety she will have in coming weeks. Explaining this on Larry King Live, CNN, FOX NEWS and Conan and Letterman will keep her busy and give her ratings another boost deep into space.

  7. I think Sarah is doing what she considers to be best for her state and her family. It can be very time consuming, distracting and expensive to constantly be forced to defend oneself. I am confident that she will continue to speak on her conservative principals and values on a national level. She can have a FIELD DAY now that she won't hold public office!

    I predict she will join us with the Tea Party movement in our efforts to preserve our freedom and to resist TYRANNY!

    Remember , she consistantly drew bigger crowds than OBAMA!

    I think she will have a serious impact on the future of conservatism. Believe me, she's not finished! GO SARAH!

  8. I am sorry to hear that she will resign, and hope that this will not be the last we hear of her. I admire her for her moral stance on issues, her family loyalty and her gutsy approach to problems. I do not think that she will leave the "First Dude," but think that he will continue to support her.

    Unfortunately, she has been unfairly criticized by the press. If that happened to Obama, everybody would have been up in arms!

    Go Sarah!