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Success Coach Says Take Steps to Delegate

Michael Crom, an executive vice president of Dale Carnegie Training, offers his advice for greater success at work...

Question: I have recently gotten a promotion at work and I am very excited about my new role with the company. With my new promotion comes a number of new responsibilities. In order for me to accomplish all of my tasks I will need to delegate a certain amount of work to other employees. Do you have any advice on the best ways to make use of delegating?

Answer: Delegation is not just about handing work out to the employees that work for you. There should be a purpose and meaning for all involved in the process. Here are some principles that will allow you to make effective use of delegation for all parties involved.

- Know the skills and abilities of your co-workers. You want to put the person who is helping you in the best position to succeed.

- Know the performance standards. Make sure expectations are clear so that there can be known success and improvement areas.

- Process is equitable. You want this to be a mutually beneficial job. The person should know that there is a reason why they are doing this job instead of someone else.

- Give sufficient authority. Make sure you give proper authority to the person so that they do not get push back from others.

- Show that help is available. Make yourself and all other resources available to the person, and let them know it.

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  1. My recommendation - schedule time for delegating on your calendar daily 🙂