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Mayor Peyton was Our First Guest on the Radio


Mayor John Peyton was our guest for the full-hour on the inaugural episode of the Jacksonville Observer Radio Show, airing on ABC 1320 WBOB from 5-6pm on July 8th.

The new weekly radio program is hosted by veteran radio personality and journalist Tom Patton, formerly of WJCT's "Week in Review" public affairs program. The first episode was presented with 'limited commercial interruption' so as to give a maximum amount of time to the mayor to defend his budget proposals.

Callers called in their questions and were respectful to the mayor, though many clearly were troubled by his plan to raise the property tax rate by 1.02 mills. Peyton will take his budget to the city council on Monday and is looking for 10 votes (a simple majority) to get it passed.

The full audio of our first show is available as two downloadable mp3 files. Here are the links for Part 1, and Part 2.

We've also uploaded the program here, so that you can listen without the need for an additional player.

Be sure to tune in to ABC 1320 WBOB every Wednesday at 5:00pm for The Jacksonville Observer Radio Show with host Tom Patton!

5 Responses »

  1. Great Show Guys!

    Wonderful to Have Tom Back on the Airwaves!!

  2. Sounded great. Thanks for providing audio links. I can listen when I want. Welcome back to the airwaves Tom.

  3. Will there be something other than politics? Maybe sports and local interests?
    The audio links are a wonderful addition.

  4. What Mayor Peyton has got to realize is that the average taxpayer of Jacksonville is stretched to the limit.

    For someone like Peyton, for whom money is no object, I can see where he would think that a 10% increase in property taxes is no big deal; but for the average "Joe", a 10% increase is a backbreaker.

    When you consider the JEA electric/water/sewer increases and the cost of gasoline and heating oil always going up, it's too much for the average family to absorb. Nowadays you are lucky if you still have a full-time job.

    Get in touch with the average taxpayer Mr. Mayor, and you'll see that your tax increase is unbearable.