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Interview with City Council Candidate Richard Pait

pait-headshotRichard Pait is a resident of Jacksonville and he is running for city council in the thirteenth district. He is a member of Fruit Cove Baptist Church, and married to Melinda Rutzebeck Pait. They have son. Mr. Pait is chairman of the Southern Oaks Homeowners Association. He is a member of the Duval County Republican Executive Committee, the River City Republican Club, the Young Republicans, and the Republican Liberty Caucus of North East Florida. In a recent interview by the Jacksonville Observer, Mr. Pait told us a little more about himself and why he has decided to run for City Council.

PAIT: I’m a Navy brat with three brothers. I’m a musician who went to University of North Florida then transferred to Palm Beach Atlantic University where I received my Bachelor of Science in Music. As a music teacher I’ve held many different summer jobs and I’ve had the opportunity to experience many different aspects of life. I always went back to teaching music, especially instrumental music, i.e. Band. After two years teaching at Mandarin Middle School I went into congestive heart failure at age thirty-one due to a heart infection. I had my first open heart surgery and gave up teaching to recover so MMS could hire another band Director. I’ve now returned to teaching Band and Chorus at Edward H. White High School. The state wide budget cuts on music have been systematic for the last 10 years. If elected, I will use half of my salary as a city councilman to help several bands and chorus programs with much needed music and supplies. If not me, then who?


OBSERVER: If elected, what would be your top priority once in office?

PAIT: Budget! Get city and county construction costs under control. Fix the unlicensed and unethical contractor behavior in our cities. Home Improvement individuals and companies need to hold themselves to a higher standard.

I’d like to get organized with “Pocket Parks” and get Piers installed so people can have a safe place to fish other than our bridges and overpasses. Jacksonville has a lot of small empty lots at the end of streets that have river access. Small fishing piers can be installed at little to no taxpayer cost for a safe and viable option to fishing in dangerous streets.


OBSERVER: What would your position on the Trail Ridge landfill deal have been?

PAIT: We were going to get sued either way. Bid the landfill. No one has any clue what the technology would be like 10, 20, or even 30 years from today. Some new method of making money from the landfill could be discovered twelve years from now and we would have no way of tapping into that resource. If Jacksonville is going to get sued, then get sued for going out on the limb not staying against the tree and playing safe.


OBSERVER: What can the city do to stimulate growth Downtown? Should that be a priority?

PAIT: You want to stimulate growth downtown? Keep it the center of business for Jacksonville. Make it easier for business owners and customers to conduct their business downtown. Make it less confusing by simplifying the signage and make it less congested by limiting traffic. I would even cut traffic out on a few roads and allow pedestrians have those roads during 11-2 Monday through Friday. I think business growth should be a priority downtown. Residential growth downtown is a whole other ballpark. You have to want to live downtown.


OBSERVER: How much money do you expect to raise to support your campaign? Are you planning to pay the filing fee or try to qualify by collecting petitions?

PAIT: I expect to raise as little money as possible to support this campaign. After the Presidential campaign I firmly believe that people in this country are sickened by the amount of money people waste trying to get into a Public Servant position. I looked back through the years and saw just how much people raised to run for a City Council position and it really bothers me that this kind of money can be thrown around like it doesn’t matter. Nobody is worth $160,000 for a part-time public servant job. It’s insane. Even raising $60,000 is obscene for a $40,000 a year job. To me, it’s a pay to play scam. It’s selling yourself to special interests, big business and other types that want you in so you can work for them. I don’t want that. I want ‘in’ so I can protect my interests and everybody else that believes that our government intrudes far too deeply into their lives. I want to represent sovereign individuals regardless of party affiliation in direct accordance to the Constitution with dignity, honor, equality, and integrity. Those have nothing to do with money and you can’t put a price on them.


OBSERVER: You're seeking to replace current Councilman Art Graham, who is running for State Senate. If Senator Jim King is unable to serve out his term due to ongoing cancer treatment, it's expected there would be a special election for that Senate seat as well as for Councilman Graham's seat. Are you prepared for the possibility and what kind of a campaign organization are you putting into place?

PAIT: I am prepared for a “ground and pound” campaign which is why I’ve been collecting petitions. I also have an email list of about 80 volunteers willing to walk door to door and phone bank for me to make sure the message of “Stop the Hate” gets out loud and clear. I have another 40+ volunteers willing to mail, stamp, lick, fold or whatever else is needed to make sure a person with common sense has a shot at making a positive influence in Jacksonville. I have to live on a budget, so should government.


OBSERVER: Which current or past leaders serve as role models for you?

PAIT: Daniel Hannan is one, the Conservative MEP for South East England. He is the author of The Plan: Twelve Months to Renew Britain. His eloquence and conservative leadership is an inspiration! Martin Luther King, Jr. has been an inspiration to me. His stand against hatred and intolerance was incredible. His ability to motivate others to see the same vision of a nation that will judge people based on the content of their character and not on the color of their skin was guided by the hand of God and galvanized a nation.


OBSERVER: On a more personal note, what’s your favorite place to grab a bite to eat?

PAIT: We love going to Tombo’s on Philips Highway next to NAPA. They have the BEST breakfast in the world and their hamburgers are phenomenal! We eat at Moe’s too. My son loves yelling that!


OBSERVER: Thanks very much for taking the time to talk with us, is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you?

PAIT: I have been waiting patiently for someone to come along and represent me. No taxation without representation. I could no longer wait idly by and HOPE for someone to come along and try to possibly represent me to the best of their ability. I realized that the only person that could ever represent me....is me. If I want ‘me’ represented then I needed to do it myself. It’s not arrogance. It’s accepting accountability for my failure to act in this county. It’s accepting responsibility for my inactions for not standing up when I had the opportunity, time and voice for what was right. It’s personally accepting the blame for allowing liberals the chance to take seats, votes, and money from my family and I never cared enough to stop it or fight back. Well that ends now. I’m fighting back. Consequences come quickly. I’ve cancelled my subscription to DirecTV and I’m in this to win. I told my 7 year old son I’ve been called to duty just as his uncle has been called to duty in the Army. The sacrifices I’m making are Lilliputian in comparison to what my brother is having to make with his family. My son understands. I’m doing what I have to do. If you can find a more qualified candidate to represent me I would be happy to support them. That will take a public debate.


Those wishing to learn more about Richard Pait and his run for Jacksonville City Council can go to the campaign website, http://www.richardpait.info.

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  1. This guy says all the right things in this interview. I would even have voted for him maybe.

    But I do a quick web search and what do I find?


    Mr. Richard Pait claims to be a republican but is a card carrying member of the liberal MoveOn.Org!?! Raise some eyebrows?? It sure raised mine!

    Mr. Pait believes that it's the government's job to provide health insurance for everyone. And he's got tens and tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid medical debt and he's running for City Council? I guess he needs the money, huh???

  2. I saw this guy on Facebook, always making jokes and acting like a child. Is that who we really want in office "representing" us?

    • I see a a couple of guy posting here too cowardly to leave their name taking pot-shots at an honest man who believes in liberty and fair play. One thing about Pait, he's nobody's yes man and he is a conservative. He is not a member of MoveOn.Org and anyone who says so is a lying snake.

      • How do you explain the article saying he was a member, was protesting with moveon members, and speaking at the moveon protest? Member or not, he certainly seems to have some affiliation.

        I'd rather have a person say "I found common ground with someone I normally wouldn't" than to play word-games such as "I am not a card-carrying member". Does that mean he leaves his membership card in the desk?
        The man obviously has some type of relationship with the organization. He attended and spoke at one of their protests. "Member" or not, his answer was politician-esque. I'd rather have someone who speaks plainly and truthfully represent me, than someone who needs an interpreting when they speak. This is amajor issue among some elements of the local Republican party.
        Nevermind the political tricks, just be honest!

      • Mr. Rose,
        you said "He is not a member of MoveOn.Org and anyone who says so is a lying snake."

        Apparently you didn't read Richard Paits slogan. Something about "stop the hate. . ."

      • I like Rich Pait, but I am not Rich Pait. I hate with fiery burning hate. I hate tyranny, I hate lying, I hate cowardice. I am a sinner just like anyone else, I lie occassionally, and there are times I haven't been as courageous as I have been. But just because I have my failings doesn't mean I won't speak against evil when I see it. Pait is a reasonable man. Pait is not a member of Move-on.org. Anyone who says so is a lying snake.
        Got it Davis?

      • Mr. Rose,
        So you represent Mr. Paits campaign, or you just represent those in his corner? Or perhaps you're just a sampling of those he would call political aillies? He's obviously not been in the public arena long enough to create such loyalty by his years in public office- so what's the political connection?

        Just because you write that Richard Pait isn't connected to moveon,org doesn't make it true. The fact of the matter is there is a news story associating Pait with a moveon protest. The piture of the protest confirms it was him, Pait admits it was him. Pait says he was there for the Senaotrs protection, which is odd to me because Pait is the one making the speach.
        As a long-time Republican, I'm repulsed by those who claim to be Republican, yet find them to be involved in anti-Republican activities. In this case, I'm concerned that a Republican candidate would be activly involved with an anti-American organization (admittedly that's a partisan opinion, but the issue isn't that opinion, it's whether or not Pait was involved in one of this organizations protest- which the obvious answer is "yes").
        >IF< Mr. Pait was involved, which he admits he was, who cares if he's a member or not? He actively participated with an organization known to actively oppose Republicans, for the sake of opposing Republicans.
        Whether you want to divert attention away from that fact by drawing attention to his membership, (or lack thereof) is your business. The fact remains that Mr Pait admits to coordinating, participating, and inspiring (through his speach) with moveon.org.
        Anyone who tries to divert from those points with carefully chosen words, then attaches personal attacks for the logical conclusions based on the evidence- doesn't cast a positive light on Richard Pait. You're vociferous rancor causes the man more harm than good.
        Got it Mr. Rose?

      • Sometimes the "party" is wrong, particularly on local issues or simply fails to address local issues with any sort of vigor. In that instance, a Republican may find himself on the other side of a debate. I am not sure if that is the instance here, but to roundly dismiss that sort of behavior as "anti-Republican" is an overbroad generalization, IMO.

        We are all our own animals, I dont agree with every point on the Republican Platform, alot of Republicans dont. I disagree with the Democrats on much, much more and the thought of joining their party is not even reasonably entertained.

        I think the problem we seem to be having here in Jackovnille was well illustrated in your last post. The local parties want to place "national issue" (or religious) litmus tests on local politicians. As a result, we end up with a crop of "good" Republicans and "good" Democrats who line up behind their parties national platforms and continue to let the city sink into the mud.

        To be perfectly honest, I could give a rats behind what Mr. Pait thinks about health care. If he was running for Congress or State Senate it might matter. He is running for City Council, all I care about is if he will manage the budget, protect his district stand up for taxpayers, and maintain essential fire and public safety services. I do not know if he will do that, but I know obfusicating about some rally is not going to help us reach the answer.

      • Davis,

        So are admitting to be Ass Clown or We need dedication?

        I will admit I was as surprised as anyone to see Richard at that meeting, but talking to people who are not Republicans is not an anti-Republican activity, it is called opening a dialog. I think Mr. Pait has a dog in the fight seeing that he is uninsurable.

        Let me say this as well, leadership of the Republican Party, and the Leadership of Move on. org have nothing in common to be sure. The local people involved in these organizations at the local level have everything in common, we are neighbors, we are not in power, and it is to our advantage to come together and see if we can reason together.

        As for vociferous rancor, it was Republican Mayor Giuliani who said that, "a day without a vicious, bitter argument is a lost opportunity." I for one am tired with all this pussy-footing around. I like in-your-face politics, and think that too often "political correctness" is just a shield for those who can't make an effective argument. Why are so many of the Republicans I meet scared that they are going offend somebody by calling a spade a spade?

    • So Richard Pait occaisionally posts some humor on Facebook. Wow, so you're not going to vote for someone with a sense of humor? I have known him for a while, and I would have to say that he is straight up and no nonsense when the rubber hits the road.

    • "I saw this guy on Facebook, always making jokes and acting like a child. Is that who we really want in office “representing” us?"

      I don't have a problem with someone having a sense of humor. Facebook is a light-hearted venue.

    • Jose, seems every time you post the party is wrong. When a person who defends with diatribe the person who insults your Chairman with lies: I suspect your opinion is an indication of who is a weak Republican.

      • Who insulted the chairman with lies? if you are implying me...please state those lies. I'd love to know myself. You guys make comments on this thing in broad generalizations and accusations but offer no facts. No wonder you hide behind half names and fake names...that's what you post. Half truths and fake "truths"

      • I have defended the Chairman with quite a bit of fervor on many occasions. I am not sure what instance you are referring to.

        Every time I come into conflict with you are on issues I disagree with you. Since you clearly see youself as some sort of self-appointed guardian of Republican purity, the instances where we disagree could be those very points where I dont agree with the platform as well.

      • In all fairness, Mr. Pait, Jim is who he says he is.

      • "Who insulted the chairman with lies? if you are implying me…please state those lies. I’d love to know myself. "

        I wasn't talking about you in this incident, unless your name is Jose. . .
        You need to calm down. Seems the above poster was correct in their concern about your temper.

      • When did I insult the Chairman, I must have missed that. Perhaps you are confusing "insult" with "defend", because that is the only thing I can ever recall doing with regard to Chairman Curry.

  3. nope. not a "card carrying member" of moveon.org I joined their website to learn about their organization. I joined Acorn's site too. As a teacher for 12 years I believe in educating myself from all sides. Don't you want to educate yourself or do you just want to be educated by others and hope they tell you the truth? I don't trust the media so I learn for myself. I got an email from them saying they were going to deliver petitions to Senator Martinez's office and were looking for hosts. I decided to ENGAGE the issue instead of staying safe in my own little private club. I hosted the event to make sure Martinez's staff didn't get harrassed or intimidated. What I found was the people who showed up to represent moveon.org have a REALLY GOOD point that the Republican party should address. I do not subscribe to everything they work towards but I now understand this issue and it's not about universal healthcare.
    "always making jokes and acting like a child" HA HA HA HA THAT'S HILARIOUS!! It's my private personal facebook site. I represent no one but me on that. You publicly criticize me but I have the brass to use my real name when I do it. Don't take life quite so seriously you "highly educated professional"! We all are highly educated.

    • By the way.....IF you took the time to actually read my website you would see that I am going to donate HALF of the salary to music programs in Duval County Public Schools. That's $20,000+-. So we can get off the comments about "I guess he needs the money, huh???"
      You can question my motives all you like. I question everyone ALL the time. But do your own research. And use you're real name. I can't believe you guys hide behind fake name. this is hilarious!!
      I am a Reagan Conservative. Constitution Conservative. But I believe the American People have more incommon than we have that divides. Let's focus on what binds us rather than what divides us...rather than what Party politics dictate what is right or wrong. There are a lot of conservative democrats and independents out there.

  4. I am, or was, "We need dedication..." One question, how can you honestly come onto your own article and leave comments arguing with people who will continually question what you stand for? Your responses don't seem like those of an elected official I would rely on... You know politics is all about attacking one another, try creating a better image for yourself by not acting like an immature loon.

    • So defending one's position is acting like an immature loon? How is that? One of the main problems with politicians is that they do not address an issue head on or even debate with those who they disagree with. They love to hold press conferences with limited questions to those in the media they know will ask the questions they want to answer.

  5. Well, give me something specific

    1)...."You know politics is all about attacking one another" who set that rule? That is a partisan hack job if I've ever heard one. Don't buy into that people. Politics is NOT about attacking people. Cheap, lazy and manipulative politics is about attacking people. I don't subscribe to that. I subscribe to the philosophy that politics is all about questioning authority. Questioning our leaders and attacking them are two completely different things.

    2)...."When wrongs are pressed because it is believed they will be borne, resistance mecomes morality." ~ "Leave no authority existing not responsible to the people" ~ "The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occassions, that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be excercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all." -Thomas Jefferson

    3).... "leave comments arguing with people who will continually question what you stand for?" Isn't that the point of a debate or conversation/dialogue or am I reading the wrong dictionary? Oh, I'm sorry. Am I just supposed to take the hits, shut up, and say nothing but have people who don't know me slander me. Or do I try to clear up misconceptions? You tell me how to proceed.

    4)....The right thing to do is continually question EVERYTHING everyone in public office stands for. Question ALL of our leaders all the time.

    5)....."how can you honestly come onto your own article and leave comments" 1st Amendment. The same one that allows everyone else to come on this and accuse me of being a cardcarrying member of moveon.org. Do your homework on that little event.

    I'd be happy to sit and meet with anyone and answer any questions publicly about any questions you might have with me. No questions are off the table. Everything is fair game. I got nothing to hide. Just let me know where and when. I might even say a joke or two. But give me a chance to earn your trust before you sumarilly dismiss me of some stupid posts on facebook or a misunderstanding with moveone.org. Believing the media?!? really?!? I thought we learned by now.

    "immature loon" kinda stung a little.....I'm sensitive.

  6. I think its actually kind of funny that people in the ( so called)"United" States of America take the time out to berate a sovereign individual while yet they lack a vast amount of knowledge about them.

    "But with no test, there is no testimony"~ Richard Pait

    It is possible to store the mind with a million facts and still be entirely uneducated."~Alec Bourne.

    "It is no good to try to stop knowledge from going forward. Ignorance is never better than knowledge."~Enrico Fermi.

    "It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not."~Andre Gide.

    "I never met anybody who said when they were a kid, "I wanna grow up and be a critic."~Richard Pryor.

    "Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do."~Dale Carnegie

    So Stop The Hate........And Vote For Pait!!!!!!

    Thank you and have a nice day.

  7. Recently, Mr. Pait wrote some inflamatory remarks about Duval Republican Executive Comittee Chairman, Lenny Curry. My understanding is Mr. Pait wrote those remarks before speaking with Chairman Curry about the issue.

    I have two concerns. The first being the unfair nature of that occurrence. Secondly, the obvious temper illustrated by that occurrence.

    How do we know Mr Pait is level-headed enough to hold such a responsible position, and to perform the duties rationally?

    How do we know Mr. Pait wont lose his temper at an inopportune time?

    One final concern. If Mr. Pait wasn't involved with moveon.org, why deos the article say Mr. Pait was not only a member, but a member leading a protest? I'm confused; the article says Mr Pait is a member of moveon, My Pait says he isn't a card-carrying member. This sounds like word-play to me. Is Mr. Pait, or has Mr. Pait been a member of moveon in the past? Is the Mr. Pait in the article the same Mr. Pait running for City Council? If so, why the word games? Why not give a completely honest answer? I thought Mr. Pait was a concerned citizen, not a politician with a bag of tricks.

    • Why don't you guys use your real name? What are you hiding? I was raised by a Navy mustang who taught me you stand like a man and you say what you mean and you don't apologize for it because you meant to say it in the first place.

      1)What inflamatory remarks about Chairman Curry have I ever said? Ever? He and I agree 100% according to visible vote. I've questioned the unifying prospects about 8 leaders of various conservative clubs including Rick Hartley, Sam Newby, Lenny Curry, Chris Nwasike, Jason Fischer, John Stevens, Will Pitts, David Taylor, Ander Crenshaw and several other local leaders. My question was simply..."We have a lot of different conservative groups in NE Florida. Who is leading them as one? Who is stepping up to the plate to be the leader of them all by bringing them together to work on projects despite their differences? It doesn't have to Lenny Curry." Why is that inflamatory? Is that an unfair question to ask? That denotes a temper?

      We should constatly question our leaders. Constantly. Just like the Mayor is willing to do and stand up like a man and take every question without pre-screening and the man has answers! He has definitely earned my respect as an individual. Stand up and stop hiding.
      It should be noted that Sam Newby, Rick Hartley and John Stevens have all questioned me on behalf of Lenny Curry and we have cleared up that misunderstanding. I have yet to speak to Lenny Curry or be contacted by Chairman Curry on the subject so I assume it is a dead issue. I guess it's being raised for political gain from a fellow REC member. I'd have thought better. You really should use your name though.

      "How do we know Mr Pait is level-headed enough to hold such a responsible position, and to perform the duties rationally?" You teach high school band at Ed White high school for 6 weeks and never yell. You tell me if you are level headed and composed. I think this is a dead issue. I can take the hits. I use my real name and telephone number.

      This is what happened with moveon.org.................
      Join more than 4,000,000 members online, get instant action updates and make a difference.

      I gave them my email address. That's it. To get updates and to read about the issues they find important. I did the same thing at http://www.acorn.org/ I like to know information. I like to learn stuff. It's the teacher in me. I don't trust the media yet you guys are believing channel 4 when it's convenient. Supportive bunch of Republicans aren't you. Is this that divisive stuff that Greer is hamming about? If you guys would like to have a public debate anytime I would love to show up. Or you can take shots at me on this thing and hide behind fake names. I think it's cute.

      I gave a completely honest answer. I hosted the event to keep the event polite, orderly and respectful towards Martinez and his staff. I found out that ALL the moveon.org members that showed up were wonderful people. The only rude putz was some "American" opposed to Universal Health Care for illegal immigrants. So was everyone else there, yet he wanted to keep arguing. Hilarious. I learned more about what the petition was asking for and I happen to agree with this ONE point that moveon.org is working for. It doesn't mean I agree with everything. If you think it does. Okay. You go ahead.

      I'd still like to know what inflamatory remarks you're referring to. This is FUN!! Even responding to fake people is fun.

  8. This is one of the reasons ordinary citizens such as myself have been galvanized into day to day politics. We need more politicians in the GOP like George Bush 41 and 43. While these men were not perfect, they were honest and one knew where they stood. We don't want Democrat lites, nor do we want Libertarians pretending to be Republicans. More especially, we want people we can trust.

    Richard Pait should stop, chew a Twix bar, and come back to say: "I needed health insurance and this was the most convenient venue to make that point".
    As the above poster pointed out: the man was "caught" working with Moveon.org. To deny that fact when there is documentation is an exersize in dishonesty.

    • HA HA HA. Jim you kill me. I had health care. I was a public school teacher at Mandarin Middle School for my first heart surgery. I was a Sales Rep for Home Depot for my second Open Heart Surgery. I had health insurance. Because of the surgeon strike 6 years ago I got shipped out of Baptist downtown because they refused to perform the surgery. They sent me out of network and my insurance defaulted to an 80/20 plan at Mayo. The second surgery Baptist refused to do the surgery because they didn't do the first one so they sent me back to Mayo. Again defaulting me to an 80/20 plan. I've paid as much as possible. Why is it so hard to believe that I wanted to just protect my Senator? Why would none of you step up and do the same thing. I don't need insurance. I know people who do. I qualify for medicaid instantly because I'm a high risk. I haven't taken it because I'm paying my own way right now, even though it's expensive. You guys are just looking for something to turn on me about. It's hilarious. Have you thought for one second that I didn't consider the ramifications before signing on to HOST a moveon.org event and then be on television?!? really? I'm that dumb? Successful CEOs and small business owners study their competition.
      I do not and never will support the democratic parties complete platform. You will, check to see what they are doing the same as they are checking to see what the republicans are up to.

      Think people. Stop the partisan hack job and think about what I did and why. Keep the comments coming!!

      • Richard, my concerns is not whether or not you had Health Care, although I'd not wish you any health concerns. My concern is your willingness to cohort with moveon.org.

        "Why is it so hard to believe that I wanted to just protect my Senator? "

        I would've believed that- had you not spoken (participated) in the protest. That just isn't ringing true in my ears. I understand that you stand for freedom, and you have that right. But Republicans need to know that their elected officials are Republicans. Cooperating and participating with moveon is a serious detractor from that posture. It strikes of "convenience" and an absence of loyalty.
        You might reply that one needs to cooperate with Democrats to get things accomplished. I would agree with that if it doesn't mean giving the Democrats and their media a story about "even a Republican agrees with them". This wreaks of self-aggrandizement at the expense of the Party, and at the expense of Senator Martinez. This is a concern. Is it a deal breaker? Almost, but not quite. What is a deal breaker is to represent it as something that it obviously isn't and insult voters by expecting them to accept the verbiage. You'd be better served to come out and say "I was having trouble with my health insurance, I got angry, and over reacted by cooperating with an organization that used my participation to their advantage."
        >THAT< would be understandable by people; especially people who've had trouble with their health care.

        " Have you thought for one second that I didn’t consider the ramifications before signing on to HOST a moveon.org event and then be on television?"

        Then you understand this is a ramification. What doesn't have to be a ramification is all of this political word-play. When this came out, instead of "I am not a card-carrying member of moveon.org" just say you were in a spot and this is how you reacted. When someoen brings this up, don't say "hahaha I had health insurance" say My insurance was messing me over and this is how I reacted".

        Stop, have a twix bar, and come back and tell the truth. People are going to be more accepting of that, than all of this political wordmanship.

        " do not and never will support the democratic parties complete platform. You will, check to see what they are doing the same as they are checking to see what the republicans are up to. "

        I would hope you'd support the Republican plan; and I don't care how the Democrats play their game. That's just adolecent: "I did it, but Johnny did it too".

        I'm not against your campaign, I'm against old stle politics where "the verbiage" is so convoluted that no one knows what the candidate said.

        "Think people. Stop the partisan hack job and think about what I did and why. Keep the comments coming!!"

        This isn't a political hack job. This is someone who wants to see the Republican principles rebuild this country as it always does. I am thinking of why you did what you did. I UNDERSTAND why you did what you did. I just want yo to stop with the word-games and be honest with those you want to represent.

    • I think the last thing we need in this country are more politicians like George Bush 41, 43, and while I am at it, Jeb. It is time to say farewell to the elitists, the globalists, who view America as an empire to be ruled and expanded. There are plenty of Republican leaders who understand that power must reside with the House of Representatives, the States, and the people. We must secure our rights by securing our country, its borders, its agriculture, and its industry, so that we can become once again self sufficent nation with self sustaining energy sources, and a balanced ecology. All this can be accomplished without government regulation by a free market economy. The health care industy is no exception and the problems we are having today would have been solved long ago if the so called "benevolent" government would have refrained from interfering.

      • "There are plenty of Republican leaders who understand that power must reside with the House of Representatives, the States, and the people. We must secure our rights by securing our country, its borders"

        These are pretty words, but aren't you a member of a group that attacks Bush 43 for his efforts to do this? We both know this to be true.

        "All this can be accomplished without government regulation by a free market economy"

        Which is why Richard Paits participation in a moveon protest is such a conundrum. Member or not, he admits to participating, even admits "considering the ramifications". This is one of the ramifications.

        "The health care industy is no exception and the problems we are having today would have been solved long ago if the so called “benevolent” government would have refrained from interfering."

        And yet there was Richard Pait protesting a Republican Senator for the same position.

      • Bush could have secured the border with out violating the rights of Americans. I object frankly and openly to the "unpatriotic" act because it does not make the people safer or freer, it makes the government harder to topple should they become corrupt and totalitarian, or I suppose I should say as it becomes more corrupt and increasing totalitarian. This is the legacy of Bush and Cheney. Securing the border is something easily done with a simple executive order, but has not been done because of the pressure by socialists who want the votes, and businessmen who want the labor.

  9. So Jim. You don't know what moveon.org was doing at Senator Martinez's office. You don't even know what it was called. And you certainly haven't called Senator Martinez's office to speak with his staff about this to get the truth from them. Nor have you reached out to me personally even though my telephone number, email and address are all public knowledge. So everything you are talking about is based on ASSUMPTIONS and heresay from an article on news4jax. You won't take my word for it and you twist my verbage.
    ALL you know is moveone.org is bad people and a bad organization and any association with them for any reason is traitorous to the GOP. Am I correct? If I were to call it anything else but that then I am lying to myself and my potential constituency. Am I close here?

    The PETITION that moveon.org asked us to deliver said this.....
    These constituents signed on in support of the following statement:
    "I strongly believe that Americans should have the choice of a public health insurance option operating alongside private plans. This will give them a better range of choices, make the health care market more competitive, and keep insurance companies honest."

    I did not sign this petition. I did not know anything about this petition. Until I found out about this nationwide Pro-Health Rally. It was presented to me as a Pro-Health Choice Rally. Not a protest. Facts are a bugger when you're trying to tear down a fellow Republican, huh? I believe in finding common ground with anyone. That's how problems get solved. Even in city government I will sit down with anyone and find out common ground and work to hell and back for it but I will distinguish the differences and we will have many, many late nights debating the finer points of those differences, I can assure you of that.

    Keep digging brother, you'll get a nugget sooner or later....it just may not be the kind of nugget you expect. LOL!! Keep writing. This is getting better every time you do..

    • " So everything you are talking about is based on ASSUMPTIONS and heresay from an article on news4jax"
      What's to confirm? You've gone from being there, to speaking there, to hosting the meeting. You host a meeting, then show up to protect Mel? Richard, this doesn't make sense. I'm not trying to trick you, I'm just addressing a news4jax article. When I see carefully crafted verbiage, it says the person has something to hide. Instead of hiding, tell the truth the first time. You said you considered the ramifications of associating yourself with moveon: now you're trying to distance yourself from moveon. It's not consistent. Had you responded to the article as I suggested the first time, this would be a minor blip. Something people could understand, given the emotion surrounding health care. Instead you played poli-speak" (political word games) and now you've made this more than it needed to be.

      My opinions of moveon are the facts. The facts are this is a liberal group who targets politicians: Republican politicians primarily. But anyone who disagrees with their liberal policy is and can be a target. My understanding is they are directly or indirectly associated with millionaire George Soros: someone who is not a friend of the Republican party, or conservatism as a principle. This is enough for me to repudiate them as a whole, and work on conservative-based solutions.

      "ALL you know is moveone.org is bad people and a bad organization and any association with them for any reason is traitorous to the GOP"

      Based on their opposition to the Republican Party, and conservative principles: I'd agree with that anaysis. The caviate being I think it's traitorous to the Nation. The people are amiable, I'm sure.

      "If I were to call it anything else but that then I am lying to myself and my potential constituency. Am I close here?"

      Not at all. If you think moveon is an acceptable group for conservatives or Republicans, that's your right. But don't come on a forum with some kids of obfuscatory verbiage about "I am not a card-carrying member". That's misleading, it was an attempt to difuse the issue with deceit.

      "The PETITION that moveon.org asked us to deliver said this….."

      I have a problem with any Republican including himself with moveon.org. The fact that you say "asked us" indicates you'd already had some association with them before hand. Here's another Twix moment: "How much association did you have with them that would have you include yourself an "us" when refering to moveon.org"?

      "It was presented to me as a Pro-Health Choice Rally."

      And that's all you had to say from the begining. Now we know that moveon came to you (or you went to them) convinced you to host a protest. You spoke at the protest, and then spent the past two days slowly explaining what happened. This could've been a quick explanation, a blip, then gone away.

      "Facts are a bugger when you’re trying to tear down a fellow Republican, "

      Yeah, a lesson I hope you learned from this. Honesty and openess will get you more respect than the word-games of politicians with things to hide.

      "Keep digging brother, you’ll get a nugget sooner or later"

      You're becoming paranoid. This isn't about a hack job, that's your ASSUMPTION. It's about politicians telling the truth instead of using language to circumvent issues.

      I think District 13 wants a Representative whom they can trust. Trust begins with forthrightness. Forthrightness requires a desire to be open. So far, the truth has been dragged out of you, you've certainly not volunteered it.

  10. I stood with moveon for a choice in healthcare for people who can't get healthcare for pre-existing conditions. I'd do it again. It has nothing to do with being a traitor to the party. The party doesn't come first. It's sad that people believe that it should. It really is sad. Party first. Pathetic. To me it's about people first. Not party loyalty. I'd rather be loyal to my family and the people who vote me in to represent them than the party. Party loyalty. Right. Sometimes the party is wrong. Sometimes another group actually has a really good point. Open your mind and stop drinking the kool-aid.

    • " stood with moveon for a choice in healthcare for people who can’t get healthcare for pre-existing conditions. "

      That's all you had to say.

      • To not be able to recognize a good idea no matter where it comes from is the worst kind of ignorance. If a Democrat has a good idea...I would side with the idea...not matter what.

      • The issue wasn't the idea, the issue was the obfuscation

      • If you read your prior posts...you were upset that he was associating and giving legitimacy to an idea/protest organized by an opposing group.

        If you are ok with the idea, then why did your previous post state "As a long-time Republican, I’m repulsed by those who claim to be Republican, yet find them to be involved in anti-Republican activities. In this case, I’m concerned that a Republican candidate would be activly involved with an anti-American organization"

        It is a sin to know something is right and not do it. To see a good idea and not work with it, regardless of political party, is just plain wrong. I would say those who are so beholden to party above logic, reason and plain ol' common sense...well I would not go so far as to say it is anti-american...because that is the beauty of America...we allow people to be ignorant.

    • "Had you responded to the article as I suggested the first time," 'The issue wasn’t the idea, the issue was the obfuscation"
      Well If I confused, bewildered, or stupefied you I am truly sorry. I will use smaller words next time and type much slower. Maybe you could do some background research and a little leg work, as I suggested, so you didn't become confused by english. Pick up the phone, call the source. Try to find out what the real issue was. Your attempt at a public hacking of a political candidate was embarrassing. I gave you as much information as I wanted to see if you, or anyone, would find the truth out on your own. I've taught for 12 years. I know how to learn about people. I've learned more about you, Jim Davis, in this short diatribe than I could have ever hoped to learn in years of petty bickering. For that, I thank you. Just so you are still not confused because that can lead to a stroke...I hide nothing. I don't lie. If you are confused, which based on your comments you seem to be a lot. You need to ask specific questions so they can be answered specifically. That would help your chronic confusion.

      I am still waiting to address the lies I made about chairman curry...anyone? beuler, beuler? I questioned the YR's election process. That seemed to be cleared up. But I only did that publicly after Chris sent a public email chastising "illinformed individuals". I stood up for myself in the venue HE chose. Do I apologize for that? Okay.

      I am still waiting to address the lies I made about chairman curry...anyone? there are none. someone's lying. ooooooh! not a republican. couldn't be.

      Question Everyone...even me!! Always! No one is above being questioned....motives, ethics, honor, integrity. Question it all. I do not play word games on purpose. If you think I am, call me on it. I'm not that way. Brutal honesty is what you'll always get from me. and I'm not always going to do what seems right by party standards. But it will be right by the people I represent.

      • The issue has never been what you did as a moveon supporter, or whether or not you're a "card-carrying member". The issue has been your untruthfulness. It took 2 1/2 days to get that your were volunterily involved as a liason for this organization. I wonder if the people of the 13th District now feel as if they can trust you. I certainly don't. People don't like being lied to by politicians, thats why they vote for people they know. You've proved in this discourse that whatever you say needs to be parsed to determine what you;re saying, and trying not to say. It's their decision, but I'd be cncerned about someone who'd vote for a man knowing he's obfuscating right out of the gate.

        "Had you responded to the article as I suggested the first time,” ‘The issue wasn’t the idea, the issue was the obfuscation”
        Well If I confused, bewildered, or stupefied you I am truly sorry. I will use smaller words next time and type much slower. "

        So much for "stop the hate" Even that was ruse.

        Valenciafl. My issue wasn't that he organized a moveon.org protest against a fellow Republican, (although the Party can see that as a negative)it was his lack of honesty in dealing with the issue. Since you quote Scripture to validate your point, this was the Scriptural principle my concerned stemmed from: Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?

        7 The just man walketh in his integrity:"
        That would be Proverbs 20: 6,7a
        At this point, I think the 13th should review this candidates interview and decide if he's honest enough to represent them.

  11. Jim...retraction is in order. Call me. 200-5815. 24 hours.

  12. The retarction in order is your avoidance of admitting you were involved with moveon.org. Anything you read into anything else is your own doing.
    Not only is a retraction NOT in order, but an aplogy for your obfuscation IS in order. Do you apologise to the 13th District for not being forth-coming?

  13. your 24 hours are up.