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Senator Jim King’s Cancer Has Returned


Former State Senate President Jim King had been diagnosed with an advanced form of pancreatic cancer in May. The Senator underwent surgery and it was announced just one month ago that he was now cancer-free.

Unfortunately, that dianosis has now been amended.

The King family's spokepeople, two former staffers, released the following statement yesterday which was distributed by State Senate President Jeff Atwater's office...


Dear Friends:

While it seemed as though President King was cancer free, he has recently learned that the cancer that first began in his pancreas has now spread to other places in his body.

President King is continuing to fight with the passion and will that has made him our hero for so many years. We continue to ask for your encouragement and prayers, and on behalf of Jim, Linda and his family, we thank you for your love and support of our beloved Jim King.

Gus Corbella & Sarah Bascom


The Senator's family has established a website where you can keep up with his ongoing fight and leave your personal messages:


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