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Federal Money Directed to Florida Amounted to $8,177 Per Person in 2008

The federal government spent $8,177 per person in Florida last year, far less than than the roughly $15,000 Washington spent on every man, woman and child in Virginia, but a lot better than the paltry $6,200 per person spent in Utah.

Washington sent $149.8 billion to Florida in 2008, or $8,177.07 per person, putting Florida 35th out of the 50 states, the U.S. Census Bureau reported Thursday.

A huge portion of the money Florida received was social security and other federal retirement and disability payments, not surprising in a state with so many retirees.

The top state for drawing federal dollars on a per capita basis was Virginia, which reaped $118 billion, but with its smaller population was first in the country in federal money per person – about $15,000 per resident, nearly twice what Floridians received.

The $57 billion in federal retirement and disability payments that came to Florida was second in the country to California's $75 billion.

Florida got nearly $30 billion in social security retirement benefits. Another roughly $8 billion went to retired federal civilian government employees and military retirees.

Also a reflection of the age of the state's population: Florida was second in the number of Medicare dollars spent in the country last year. California got $67 billion in Medicare money, while nearly $44 billion was spent in Florida.

In all, the federal government had nearly $2.79 trillion in domestic spending obligations last year, up 9.3 percent from 2007. That’s equivalent to $9,184 per person.

Entitlement programs Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security made up 48 percent of all federal spending, accounting for $1.35 trillion. Of that, $659 billion went to Social Security. The one-year increase in spending for these three programs was approximately $359 for every person in the United States, the Census Bureau said.

Looming largest in terms of pure dollars was, naturally, California, which received just under $300 billion, and Texas, which culled $210 billion last year from Washington.

The states that got the fewest federal dollars were Delaware, Vermont and Wyoming, which all got less than $7 billion.

But on a per capita basis, the most rugged individualists out there, the state's drawing down the least from Washington, were Minnesota, Oregon, Wisconsin, Nevada and Utah.

After Virginia, the states that relied most on federal money last year on a per capita basis were Maryland, Alaska, Kentucky and New Mexico. The federal government spent roughly $15,000 in Virginia for every person in the state, $13,000 per person in Maryland and Alaska.

At the other end of the scale, Washington spent just $6,200 per person in Utah, $6,600 per person in Nevada and $7,100 per person in Wisconsin.

Money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – the federal stimulus package – wasn't included in the report because it was passed in 2009.

About 20 percent of the money was the $575 billion in grants, with the bulk of that going through the Department of Health and Human Services. HHS, Transportation and Education made up more than 80 percent of all federal grants last year.

Procurement contracts accounted for about $514 billion, or 18 percent, of total federal spending, the Census Bureau said. Most of that was defense spending.

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  1. Where did you source this info?

  2. Reported by the News Service of Florida.