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Firm Already Polling Special Election for State Senate

The Jacksonville Observer has recieved information from a reliable source that a polling firms is already testing possible names in a likely State Senate special election to fill Jim King's seat. King recently passed away after a battle with cancer.

Senator King's memorial services are still a few days away, but it seems that politics can't wait for some.

The reader who tipped us about this poll was quick thinking enough to jot down the questions as they were asked. The polling firm was identified by our reader as FE&A Research.

Following are the questions that are apparently being tested:

1. I would like to speak with the youngest female voter registered as a Republican.

2. Do you vote? Always, some of the time, never - etc

3. Do you vote by going to the polls on election day, early voting or absentee voting?

4. Is the state moving in the right direction or wrong direction?

5. What kind of job is Gov Charlie Crist doing - excellent - good - not so good - poor?

6. Let me read off some names - respond if you have favorate, unfavorable, or no opinion...
a. John Thrasher
b. Dan Quiggle
c. Linda King
d. Stan Jordan
e. Art Graham
f. Aaron Bean
g. Charlie Crist

7. If you had a choice on the ballot between these two names who would you choose?
a. Linda King
b. John Thrasher

8. It is likely there will be a special election held to fill the Senate District 8 seat - I am going to give you a description of these people - who would you vote for?

a. Former State Rep. Aaron Bean
b. Jacksonville City Councilman Art Graham
c. School Board member and former State Rep. Stan Jordan
d. Widow of Jim King - Linda King
e. Businessman Dan Quiggle
f. Former Speaker of the House John Thrasher

9. Are you employed outside the home?

10. Age bracket?

11. Any children under age 18 living in the home?

4 Responses »

  1. smells like thrasher testing the waters eh?

  2. Where's the respect for the dead? Polling firms testing the name of the widdow not even 2 days later.

    Think this is Linda King's poll or John Thrasher's poll? Gotta be one of em cause of the head-to-head I figure?

  3. Thrasher is a profiteer. He has no respect. He cant even wait a week. He is already using his special interest money to buy polling and the race...

  4. I believe the constant referrence to "respect for the dead" and waiting to address this empty seat is sincere and empathetic towards Senator Kings memory and his family. I woul draw some parllels that suggest doing so, is not the norm for politics, nor government responsiblity.

    The first image to come to my mind was the pictures of a bloodied Jackie Kennedy watching LBJ sworn in on AF 1 with the body of JFK riding 10 feet behind them.

    I'm reminded that George H.W. Bush was imeadiately positioned as acting POSTUS at the news of Ronald Reagan being shot and incapacitated.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, was not Roberts nominated to replace Rehnquist 1 week after Rehnquist's death? Is it not reasonable to assume the White House, by necessity had to re-screen nominees in the que?

    I'm thinking respect for the man doesn't meant refraining from examining who will be his replacement. We've not seen austentatious campaigning as of yet. We have seen viable people say they are interested in the position. This isn't surprising considering the Senator was due to term-limit out in 2010 anyway.

    While there are many emotions surrounding the loss of ":one of our own", there must be an understanding that the government continues, the country, the state continues on. Which means the process must as well.

    God bless Senator Kings family in this time of sorrow. Your husband and father were loved by many people.