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Aaron Bean Reconsidering State Senate Bid


The landscape of the District 8 State Senate race may soon be changing significantly, with new reports that Former State Representative Aaron Bean held a campaign meeting today to discuss the future of his bid for the seat previously held by Jim King.

The Jacksonville Observer has learned from a reliable source who had first hand contact with the candidate that Bean has been contemplating the future of his campaign and is leaning towards not running in the expected Special Election to fill Jim King's seat.  The source says that Bean is weighing his options and talking to his supporters, and that out of respect for the King family he will wait to announce a final decision on the race until following this weekend's memorial service for Jim King.

Another source close to the campaign, however, denied any that such actions were being considered, telling us that "he is in the race."

Multiple entities have been conducting telephone polling over the week, in advance of a yet-to-be-scheduled special election. While the results of these polls have not been made public, it's likely that some of the candidates are reconsidering their positions. One poll that we reported on earlier this week actually named Jim King's widow, Linda King, as a potential candidate for the seat.

Other candidates already in the running for State Senate include Former House Speaker John Thrasher, Jacksonville City Councilman Art Graham, and businessman Dan Quiggle. 

Earlier this year we asked Aaron Bean what his thoughts were when he heard that Former Speaker Thrasher was entering the race.

"We are most likely going to be outraised as Speaker Thrasher is expected to raise over $1 million," Bean said.  "I may get outraised, but I will not be outworked. We are going to continue to work and meet as many voters, speak at every opportunity, discuss our record and debate ideas."

Duval County Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland appeared on WBOB's "What's the Buzz?" on Wednesday to discuss the special election and said he expected that the Governor might schedule the election in later September or on the first Tuesday in October.  If the election is called on October 6, it may save some money as the City of Atlantic Beach was already scheduled to head to the polls to elect a mayor and two city commissioners on that day.

Holland also noted that the special election for State Senate will likely cause a cascading effect of other special elections.  City Councilman Art Graham will be forced to resign his seat to continue his campaign, thus opening up that spot.  Current Atlantic Beach Mayor John Meserve has said he will run for Graham's seat, creating an open race for his spot as Mayor.  And School Board member Stan Jordan is considered a potential candidate for Senate, which would create an opening in his seat.

The Bean campaign had raised $238,056 at the end of the last reporting quarter and still had most of that cash on hand. 

Aaron Bean could not be reached for comment this afternoon.

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  1. Aaron Bean 2010 for FL Senate! He brings experience and knowledge that is unparrelled and will continue to fight for not only NF, but FL. Go Aaron Bean!!

  2. Aaron Bean 2010 for FL Senate! He brings experience and knowledge that is unparrelled and will continue to fight for not only NF, but FL. The true conservative leader. Go Aaron Bean!!

  3. Probably a goood move to step aside. A special election only brings out core citizens to vote.
    Art has a definite advantage if the run the City council special election the same day. More people will come out to vote in Jacksonville than other places.
    And the whole Linda King thing needs to be examined. If she actually does get in, it could cut into Art's base in the Arlington area. She wouldn't be the first wife to follow her husband.
    Bean never had a chance in this seat. Not because of lack of work, but because the district just doesn't fall into place well for a candidate from Nassau.

  4. Surprising, but not unexpected. Dan Quiggle is the man to watch in this race!


  5. Aaron Bean is a bright young man and will have some great opportunities ahead of him in the years to come. Don't forget, all the districts get redrawn in 2010.

    Many, many possibilities for Mr. Bean!

  6. Graham is done. He does not and will not have the money to compete and his campaign consultants do not have enough experience or brain power to understand that you cannot win a State Senate race by basically running a City Council campaign.

    Quiggle is prone to expanding the truth as he did during his failed run against Crenshaw. He was called out on that and many local folks still remember. Also, he has some questionable business dealings that are fairly well known and if he gets close will be very well known.

    Short time resident Thrasher will win this by default unless Jordan gets in, then it could get interesting.

  7. Campaign consultants with brain power???? Uhhhh okay. Name one??

    Do we know anything about these people??? Who are they for each campaign?? could very well make the difference.