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Jim Greer Elected Chairman of the RNC Rules Committee

Florida Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer won a first-ballot election Thursday as Rules Chairman of the Republican National Committee, positioning him for an influential role during the 2010 elections, when mentor Gov. Charlie Crist is running for U.S. Senate.

Greer captured 27 votes to second-place finisher Bruce Ash, the Arizona national committeeman. Curly Haugland, the committeeman from North Dakota, finished third with four votes among RNC members casting ballots.

As state chairman, Greer had battled with the GOP's national rules committee over Florida's January 2008 primary, which violated party rules. The state delegation to last year's convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul was cut in half as punishment, only to be reinstated once it was clear that John McCain would be the nominee.

McCain's nomination began to come together following his victory in the Florida primary, which was aided by a late-hour endorsement from Crist.

Greer has drawn heat within Florida from party conservatives who say he takes moderate stance on social issues and top-down management style. A former Oviedo vice-mayor, Greer was Crist's hand-picked party chairman.

A hard-hitting story in Thursday's Washington Times that handicapped the field included some unflattering assessments of Florida's chairman from political rival Katon Dawson.

"Greer is the single most disliked guy on the RNC -- that would be my guess," former South Carolina Republican Chairman Katon Dawson was quoted as saying in the Times. Dawson lost a bid last year for national chairman to Michael Steele, who was endorsed by Greer.

"I was disappointed," Greer told The Hill when asked about Dawson's comments. "I think his comments, not only about me but in the broader text, continue to demonstrate his frustration in losing the chairmanship in January."

Dawson was reported to be backing Hoaglund, who finished a very distant third place in the balloting.

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  1. The Republican Party makes another giant step toward the possibility of extinction with this election. The choice of Greer sends a clear message to grassroots workers and conservatives that top-down control of the Party will continue and voices of dissent will not be heard or tolerated. Many loyal Republicans who dared voice their opinions have been brought before the RPOF Grievance Committee on nebulous charges of “harming” the Party.

    How is this possible? What was formerly a party constitution with a bottom-up power structure was changed by Florida Statute 103.161, which gives one person - the party chairman – “dictatorial” powers. This legislation gives the chair power to overturn your county-wide election of state committeeman and –woman; to overturn your election of precinct captains who make up the membership of the county executive committee; and the power to remove anyone from a Republican club.

    Greer and Crist, advocates and architects of this legislation, may have irreparably harmed the Party. Why do this? And their actions earn them promotions to national office? So it seems, at least for Greer.

  2. This is only additional proof that there's no material difference between the Dems and Repubs.

    It makes me prouder than ever to NOT be a registered Dem or Repub.