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Reactions to the Council’s Vote and Mayor’s Veto

Mayor John Peyton informed Jacksonville City Council President Richard Clark yesterday that he has vetoed the TRIM (Truth in Millage) Resolution passed by a majority of the council on Monday. The City Council's passage of Resolution 2009-510-A, would have established the maximum millage rate for the upcoming year at 8.48.

Mayor Peyton outlined his reasons for the veto in a letter to the Council President expressing his disappointment in the city council's decision to cut an additional $50 million from the city budget without, he charges, presenting a plan to the community about where those cuts will come.

""I am disappointed in the action of the majority. I will not sign this legislation," said Peyton.

However, many in the community cheered the council's action on Monday night.

“The City Council should be commended for standing up for Jacksonville taxpayers,” said Dan Quiggle, the Florida State Chairman of anti-tax group Americans for Prosperity. “First Coast families cannot afford another tax increase."

Americans for Prosperity activists urged Jacksonville citizens to put pressure on the City Council with hundreds of phone calls and letters to the Council members, telling them to vote down the tax increase. Additionally, AFP purchased radio ads on local conservative talk stations WOKV and WBOB encouraging taxpayers to call the City Council offices.

“[The vote] is a victory for Jacksonville residents,” stated Victor Wilhem, Jacksonville resident and one of the members of Americans for Prosperity who was present for the Monday vote. “We will continue our efforts until the property tax rate is officially set.”

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