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Weekend Video Game Playlist

This weekend's full of gaming. Still.

Kyle Orland: Just heard my review copy of "Wii Sports Resort" is in the mail, so I'll be throwing fake Frisbees to virtual dogs all weekend. I've also got a boatload of free iPhone/iPod Touch games to play for an upcoming feature (that's what we in the industry call "foreshadowing").

Chris Buecheler: After my glorious "NetHack" triumph last week, I've returned to "Dead Space" and will likely finish it this weekend. I'm honestly a bit annoyed with how the game's progressed. They haven't really introduced any new enemies, weapons or action set pieces in a while. It's mostly just been a lot of dark corridors and monsters popping out of vents. As Jones mentioned in his piece a few days ago, it really seems like a lot of games suffer from a disappointing third act. I'm hoping it'll pick back up, because it's starting to feel like a slog.

Gus Mastrapa: There's a really awesome spatial puzzle in the third act of "Dead Space," Chris. I found myself more interested in seeing the rest of the ship than in seeing new enemies. I'll be playing "Left 4 Dead" and "Battlefield 1943" this weekend (we really need to get a Crispy Squadron happening). And if I get some time, I really need to finish up "StarTropics" for the Crispy Adventurers Club. I'm still wrapping up my neutral play of Fallout 3. I'm kind of amazed at the one original Achievement I haven't nailed yet. You can read about it very soon in the story I'm working up for Crispy.

Paul Semel: I'm taking another stab at "Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion," so that's my weekend. I wasn't a big fan when it came out, but after playing "Fable II," "Fallout 3" and "Mass Effect," I'm thinking I might enjoy it more now than I did then. We'll see.

Gus Mastrapa: I've been thinking the same thing after enjoying "Fallout 3" so much. Keep us posted.

Chris Buecheler: My three keys to enjoying "Oblivion":

1. Ignore the main quest and focus on side quests until you're plenty powerful and can barrel through all the annoying Oblivion Gates.

2. Stealth plus bow FTW.

3. Either turn the difficulty slider down, or read an article on how to "game" "Oblivion's" leveling system so that the scaling enemies don't get retardedly strong by the time you're Level 4.

Also, the modding community has really done wonders with it, both visually and gameplay-wise.

Ryan Kuo: I'm going out of town, so I'll be with my iPod all weekend. Playing with "Toki Tori" on the bus, trying to get past Sector 15 of "Eliss," and helping "Enviro-Bear" get through the winter. Typing e-mails is also somehow fun on the iPod, so I'll probably catch up on my e-mail for fun. If I do catch up, I'll just make up reasons to send more emails.

Troy Goodfellow: Our recent strategy-gaming podcast has me on the edge of getting an iPod Touch. Apparently I am really missing out on stuff. In the meantime, more "Dawn of Discovery," which I am liking more than I thought I would. May also try to get some board gaming in.

Steve Steinberg: I'll be revisiting "MLB 09: The Show" to get my thumbs in back in baseball mode. I pre-ordered Konami's "Pro Yakyuu (Baseball) Spirits 6" from play-asia.com, and I should be getting it within a week or so. (I generally don't throw out plugs for anyone, but play-asia.com delivers cool and hard-to-find stuff at very reasonable prices.) I've always found the Japanese baseball sims to be a bit more interesting -- from a baseball geek's perspective -- than either Sony's or 2K Sports' MLB games. A lot of it might be because the actual game of baseball is played slightly differently, strategy-wise, in Japan. A lot of it might also be that I don't speak Japanese. (That said, I did enjoy Namco's now-AWOL baseball series more than Konami's "Spirits" series.) (Wow! I'm speaking almost entirely in the parenthetical this week!) If you're a baseball fan and want to experience an interesting take on our national pastime -- through another nation's eyes -- definitely check out any of Konami's "Yakyuu Spirits" releases. (The PS3 is region-free, so you really have no excuse.) (More parentheses. Yay!)

John Teti: I'll be playing "StarTropics" for the Crispy Adventurers Club, of course, and I'll also be playing "Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do to Deserve This?" for a review. Man, what a weird title. "StarTropics"? What the heck is that supposed to mean, anyway?

Evan Narcisse: Jones, by virtue of his recent blog post and our conversations preceding it, has got me convinced to revisit "Call of Duty 4." So, I'll be adding that to "StarTropics" and Fight Night Round 4. If all goes well on Friday, there's a chance that I'll be playing some PC games on my shiny, newish Macbook Pro. What's that? You'd like to know how to do the same? Stay tuned, dear readers.

Scott Jones: I'm playing "Batman: Arkham Asylum" and "Wii Sports Resort" this weekend. I also got my hands on a "Scribblenauts" ROM cart. Woot. I'm heading back to NYC next week, so I'll probably spend some time cruising the iPhone App Store over the weekend and download a couple of games for the red-eye I always take that perpetually seems filled with crying Chinese babies. (Crying Chinese Babies = serviceable "Rock Band" name.)

James Fudge: It looks like I get the last word in this week. I'll be playing lots of "Battlefield 1943" in the hopes of getting better (I suspect I will die a lot this weekend) and fooling around with "Kodu Game Lab." I'm still playing "Champions Online" and dabbling with the free version of "Dungeons & Dragons Online," as well, but I want to finish reading "Things That Go Bump in the Night" by Louis C. Jones -- American Folklore FTW.


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