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Susan Pitman Remembers Senator Jim King



President King always had me prepare talking points for a given audience, and then he never followed them. When I spoke on his behalf, he would review my notes/talking points, then make me tear them up--he said "If you are going to mess up, mess up honestly. Don't trip over reading a speech!"

Getting the President places on time was next to impossible... so I'd generally provide him a schedule that showed things 30 minutes earlier than they really were just to try to make sure we were on time!

No matter how mad people were if we were late, once we got there, President King was always able to cajole and charm them into forgiving him, and then share his message.

During press conferences, we never QUITE KNEW what the President may say or how he might say it!  He was a consummate listener, cared deeply for his constituents, was absolutely willing to do what he could to help people. A tremendous strength of President King as he dealt with people was that he always honest about where he stood.  He was not a politician characterized by telling each group what they wanted to hear.

It was a distinct honor to work for President King, and I learned a great deal about the inner workings of the committee process, the politics of the state and party politics as we traveled the district and over to Tallahassee. There was alot that I knew but even more that I didn't know. President King was a patient but demanding teacher, and held his staff to extremely high expectations.

I'm a better person for having known him, and worked for him.

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  1. He was a beautiful man, Susan.

  2. did you work on the 2002 or the 2006 campaign, susan?