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Editorial – Louis Rose: I Want to Live in a City…

rose-editorialMayor John Peyton has been fighting a battle with the people of Jacksonville over his irrational desire to raise taxes during a recession. The overwhelming majority of taxpayers don’t want a tax increase and he knows it, and doesn’t care. He has inundated the City with statistics and graphs that are half-truths, easily discernible by a close look at the four-hundred page city budget. Nevertheless the mayor is counting on the fact that most people don’t have the time to read it. He is counting on the fact that most people don’t have the time to come out to meetings and protest because they are too busy working, but that those who depend on the city coffers for their meat and bread have more than enough time to do so.

The mayor has attacked the police and fire department pension rights because he knows that the word “Union” doesn’t play well in the South. He ignores the fact that good men and women have a First Amendment right to assemble, and this includes the unions. He should not blame the police and fire departments for the City’s financial woes. Firemen rush into burning buildings and the police deal with horror every day. They earn their pay and their right to a pension. The mayor should hire better negotiators and he wouldn’t have to raise taxes this year.

We must remember that our property tax is collected by force. If you don’t pay, the government comes to take your home. We know we must be taxed, but only for services that benefit every citizen equally; firehouses, libraries, street repairs and there is plenty of money for that. We could cut the number of parks in Jacksonville in half and never miss them, but there is plenty of money for parks too. What cannot be justified are special projects that benefit sports teams, or equestrian centers, or monuments to posterity like the damnable courthouse, or an overhaul of Metropolitan Park, not now. Cut those out and the mayor wouldn’t have to raise taxes this year.

Social programs often benefit only a select few, and nobody can deny that there are people in need, and that they are worthy of assistance. But the mayor should also know that there is no end to the number of needy people in the world. Republicans think that only a fool would suggest that government provide health care, food, clothing, housing, and counseling for everyone who lacks it. It is difficult enough to provide these things for myself, my family, my friends, and for those I choose to give to, and I do give. My tax returns are open to any who doubt that.

I agree with those who say, “I work hard for what I have and I share it with whom I want to. Government does not have the right to force me to be charitable, or to tell me where my charity will be spent.”

Those who attempt to do so commit robbery, stealing by force what is not theirs. The Mayor should abandon his preoccupation with the ideology of the socialist progressives who would spend everybody's money but their own and he wouldn’t have to raise taxes this year.

In the present financial climate it is obvious that the budget must be cut. The members of the city council are the ones who must cut the budget. That is the type of city council we want, and make no mistake, that is the type of city council that we will soon have.

Mayor Peyton wants to know what type of city we want. Let him at last listen!  Call the City Council and tell them.  This is the type of city we want. Let it be said that Jacksonville has the lowest tax rate in the entire South. Then businesses will come here, capital will flow in, everyone who wants to work will have work, charitable causes will find no difficulty finding support, and he wouldn’t have to raise taxes this year.

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  1. Isn't this the guy who burnt the US Flag, a copy of the Bible and a copy of the Qua ran on youtube? I swear I think this guy is a schizophrenic?! One minute he's a trying to advocate on behalf of the citizens of Duval County, the next minute he off accusing the US of in justices to him; burning those things which are honorable & sacred to us.

    Hey Rose guy,.........not becuase you finally hit a heart burn issue makes you an advocate for the citizens of this City. You are not!

    How dare you burn the Flag of these United States? How dare you burn the true living word of God? How dare you burn the book of divine guidance and direction to mankind?......Your right to freedom of expression? Nah! I think it's your right to be in a straight jacket, having pills (bought with tax payers money) shoved down you throat.

    Get some help!

    • I take it you saw the YouTube video. But did you listen to what he said? Apparently not.

      He burned the flag, a copy of the Constitution, the Bible and the Quran to make a point - a very good one, in my estimation.

      Mr. Rose is not the one who needs help.

      • Anyone who is sick enough to do anything like that needs help.
        Anyone who thinks that was heroic needs help.

        Why burn the flag that our fore fathers fought so gallantly to defend. The flag that cost brave men their lives as they held up the pole at Ft. McHenry signifying our rights as men and women to be independent and free. he burnt it cheaply as if he knew what the cost of freedom was.

        He burnt other sacred documents as a sign to show freedom of what? .....I say, it was a sign of of utter disrespect to everything to everything we consider noble, and just and fair.

        He's no bold hero in my book, just a mediocre fraud looking for cheap publicity. ......Is he running for Mayor by any Chance?

  2. What a little coward you are! You are like a palmetto bug cowering under a wet rock. What I say and do, I say and do in public and sign my name. For those who would like to see the video on free speech that this insect is refering to, I encourage you to go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qq4gue6TO0.
    I welcome your comments, and your name.

  3. Hey Minnie me!

    You're missing your signature pinkie finger in your mouth move!

    Yeh! Yeh! I use a different screen name....big deal! Fact of the matter is, you belong in a straight jacket and heavily medicated. You have a serious delusional disorder and I just want to let you know, help is available.


    Food for thought. Read these general articles from wikipedia, look in the mirror. Hopefully you are man enough to have a reality check. Surrender your self to full medical attention. You should have never stopped the meds in the first place?????

    Palmetto Bug
    Under a wet Rock

  4. Amazing the amount of vitriol generated from these cartoon characters. At least he knows what his name is now...

  5. I can't say I'm a fan of the Mayor, because I'm not. I love how the guy had the sign behind him that read 'what kind of city do you want to live in?' And then when he gets the answer he vetoes it. Why even ask the question in the first place?