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Senate Seat: Mack Not Interested, Smith Not A Sure Thing

Charlie Crist has officially said he won't appoint himself to the Senate seat being left vacant by the resignation of Mel Martinez. However, that's the only thing we know for sure.

Despite the fact that many media outlets were reporting former Secretary of State Jim Smith was a lock to fill out the term, the official line is that no decision has been made.

"I want to assure my fellow Floridians that we will undertake a very thorough, comprehensive, thoughful process," Crist said.

"Florida will have an opportunity in the next few weeks to make sure that an honest person of great integrity that will protect the public trust will be appointed to go ahead and serve the remainder of this senate term. I will not appoint myself. And I have gotten a lot of recommendations about very qualified people who can serve in this senate term."

On the subject of picking a replacement for Martinez, Crist made it know that he hasn't officially decided on anyone yet.

"No decision's been made. There is not a short list. There is not a long list," Crist said. "But I'm getting a lot of calls and recommendations and volunteers."

"I won't rule anyone out. But I wouldn't rule anyone in," State GOP Chairman Jim Greer told the Miami Herald. "Charlie Crist is a person who makes his own decision based on what's best for Florida."

It appears the Crist had approached former Senator Connie Mack about a brief return to Washington, but Mack was not interested.

"I spent 18 years in Washington and concluded at the end of that 18 years that it was time to come home," Mack said.

"I have a great regard for Jim Smith," he continued. "He has a depth of experience and knowledge, both from a legislative perspective and from a Florida perspective."

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